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1. George Stevens George Stevens Director, Giant George Stevens, a filmmaker known as a meticulous craftsman with a brilliant eye for composition and a sensitive touch with actors, is one of the great American filmmakers, ranking with John Ford, William Wyler and Howard Hawks as a creator of classic Hollywood cinema, bringing to the screen mytho-poetic worlds that were also mass entertainment...
2. Leigh Brackett Leigh Brackett Writer, Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
3. Beverly Aadland Beverly Aadland Actress, South Pacific
4. Patricia Owens Patricia Owens Actress, The Fly Patricia Owens was born in Golden, British Columbia, in 1925. When she was eight she moved to England. Here she embarked on a number of stage plays. Later she was spotted by a Twentieth-Century Fox executive who offered her a contract and in 1956 she went to Hollywood. There she met Sy Bartlett whom she married and later divorced in 1958...
5. Dan Vadis Dan Vadis Actor, Bronco Billy
6. Robert Bailey Robert Bailey Actor, Jitterbugs
7. Bob May Bob May Actor, Hardly Working In their heyday, stage and movie stars Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson reigned as two of the most outrageous comedians who ever set out to tickle America's collective funnybone. The son of Johnson's daughter, June, Bob May was born in New York in 1939 and put a (very) small foot on the first rung of the show biz ladder two years later...
8. Henry 'Spike' Lee Henry 'Spike' Lee Actor, The Awful Tooth
9. Justin Gocke Justin Gocke Actor, The Burning Bed
10. Maureen Bailey Maureen Bailey Actress, Peter Pan
11. Roland Varno Roland Varno Actor, The Blue Angel Roland Varno's daughter is Jill Taggart. His sister, Anneke, was for many years the Dear Abby of Holland. Roland spent his younger years on the island of Java, moved back to Holland as a teenager, went to Berlin in the late 1920s where he was featured in Der Blaue Engel (The Blue Angel) with Marlene Dietrich and came to the U.S...
12. John Calvert John Calvert Actor, Dark Venture
13. Blue Washington Blue Washington Actor, There It Is
14. Paula Marie Moody Paula Marie Moody Stunts, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
15. Joseph F. Robertson Joseph F. Robertson Director, Auntie Lee's Meat Pies Joseph F. Robertson was with the US Marines during World War II and was later a major in international banking and finance at New York University. While working in Europe as a manufacturer's representative he became interested in moviemaking, and upon his return to the US went to Hollywood and became...
16. Fritzi Ridgeway Fritzi Ridgeway Actress, Face Value
17. Linda Perry Linda Perry Actress, They Won't Forget
18. Edmond Hamilton Edmond Hamilton Writer, Captain Future Edmond Hamilton began his writing career in the early days of pulp science fiction. His first story, "The Monster of Marmuth", appeared in Weird Tales, and was very reminiscent of H.P. Lovecraft. Soon, though, his style changed, and he focused on the "super-science" stories popularized by E. E. Smith and John Campbell...
19. Joseph M. Wilcots Joseph M. Wilcots Cinematographer, Bill Cosby: Himself
20. James Cross James Cross Producer, Extreme Ejections
21. Imogene Lynn Imogene Lynn Soundtrack, Li'l Abner One of the sweetest-sounding thrushes of the swing era, as well as one of the prettiest, Imogene Lynn began her performing career in 1940 with Emerson Gill's Bamboo Gardens Orchestra in Cleveland. After two years and including other stints with society bands, she joined the drummer Ray McKinley as featured vocalist and became the first wife of one of the band's key sidemen...
22. William Walker William Walker Actor, The North Star
23. Jack Slattery Jack Slattery Actor, Pardon My Rhythm
24. Lu Ann Meredith Lu Ann Meredith Actress, With Pleasure, Madame
25. Loren Riebe Loren Riebe Actor, The Painted Stallion Loren Riebe was also a private plane pilot who died when his small aircraft crashed. He later died at Lancaster Community Hospital. He was performing in an airshow in Lancaster, California when his mishap occured. He worked as a stuntman and actor for Republic Film Studios.
26. Thomas Kellard Thomas Kellard Actor, The Little Colonel
27. Gary Rhine Gary Rhine Producer, Wiping the Tears of Seven Generations
28. Carl Bunch Carl Bunch Self, The Ritchie Valens Story
29. Willis Cook Willis Cook Special Effects, The Professionals
30. Larry McGrew Larry McGrew Self, 1980 NFL Draft
31. Daisy Lee Mothershed Daisy Lee Mothershed Actress, Little Orvie
32. LeRoy Armstrong LeRoy Armstrong Writer, The Ridin' Kid from Powder River
33. Jay Ashworth Jay Ashworth Sound Department, Incubus
34. Lynn Karp Lynn Karp Animation Department, Pinocchio
35. Jack Halloran Jack Halloran Music Department, The Roaring 20's
36. Abu Talib Abu Talib Self, Escape from Suburbia: Beyond the American Dream
37. Hal Davis Hal Davis Actor, The Bandit's Son
38. Tom Haisch Tom Haisch Set Decorator, Ring of Terror
39. Kenette Gfeller Kenette Gfeller Writer, The Initiation of Sarah
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