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1. Florida Friebus Florida Friebus Actress, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis
2. Leoda Richards Leoda Richards Actress, The Sound of Music
3. Beverly Roberts Beverly Roberts Actress, Buried Alive Spotted singing in a New York City nightclub by a Warner Brothers talent scout, Beverly Roberts' first role was in The Singing Kid with Al Jolson. A young Humphrey Bogart was her co-star in Two Against the World. China Clipper, a foreshadowing of the founding of Pan American Airways, teamed her with Pat O'Brien...
4. Wynne Gibson Wynne Gibson Actress, The Captain Hates the Sea
5. Daniel L. Fapp Daniel L. Fapp Cinematographer, The Great Escape American cinematographer who spent the bulk of his career at Paramount (1923-1959). After two years apprenticed in the studio lab, Fapp first worked the movie camera as an assistant in 1925. By 1941, he had graduated to full director of photography at the behest of cinematographer, turned director, Ted Tetzlaff...
6. Marion Burns Marion Burns Actress, The Dawn Rider
7. Marla Shelton Marla Shelton Actress, Stand-In Passed the Federal examination for professional radio operator at the age of 12, at the time the youngest ever to receive the license. She and her father received praise from the government for sending wireless distress signals during the 1926 Great Miami Hurricane, from Houston, Texas. She competed the next year...
8. Marilyn King Marilyn King Actress, The Hideous Sun Demon
9. Lee Savin Lee Savin Producer, The T.A.M.I. Show
10. Michael Kirby Michael Kirby Actor, The Countess of Monte Cristo
11. Phil Warren Phil Warren Actor, Superman and the Mole-Men
12. Jimmie Haskell Jimmie Haskell Composer, The Doris Day Show
13. Harold Dyrenforth Harold Dyrenforth Actor, Watusi Harald Dyrenforth started his career as an actor in the late thirties in the Swiss theatre and radio, came to America in 1938, appeared in a number of Broadway plays and New York radio shows, served a hitch in the U.S. Army Ski Troops and another one as a foreign language broadcaster for the Office of War Information and "voice of America" of the U.S...
14. Carl Biddiscombe Carl Biddiscombe Set Decorator, Perry Mason
15. E.M. Nathanson E.M. Nathanson Writer, The Dirty Dozen
16. Lee Dorman Lee Dorman Self, Musical Mutiny
17. Shirley Yelm Shirley Yelm Actress, The Lively Ones
18. Jane Hoyt Thompson Jane Hoyt Thompson Producer, All in the Family
19. Marshall Houts Marshall Houts Writer, Eureka
20. Niles Welch Niles Welch Actor, Foolproof
21. Renee Wedel Renee Wedel Actress, My Girl 2
22. Kristine Cameron Kristine Cameron Actress, Mahogany
23. Bernie Smith Bernie Smith Writer, General Foods 25th Anniversary Show: A Salute to Rodgers and Hammerstein
24. Elaine Baker Elaine Baker Actress, Henry's Social Splash
25. Justin Levens Justin Levens Self, UFC 59: Reality Check
26. Donald Zimbalist Donald Zimbalist Writer, Young Dillinger
27. William Wister Haines William Wister Haines Writer, The Wings of Eagles
28. Devvy Davenport Devvy Davenport Actress, Hollywood Varieties Daughter of a career military man, blond haired, green-eyed beauty, Devvy Davenport was born in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Being a "Air Force brat", she was variously educated in North Carolina, Kentucky, Arkansas, Texas, New Jersey and New York. As a child Devvy had a natural aptitude for writing poetry and prose; composing songs and singing; and dancing...
29. Dorothy Gee Dorothy Gee Actress, The Public Enemy
30. Jack Hirshberg Jack Hirshberg Miscellaneous Crew, All the President's Men
31. N. Gayle Gitterman N. Gayle Gitterman Producer, Whirlybirds
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