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1. Bill Hickman Bill Hickman Actor, The French Connection The actor is better known for his prowess as a stunt driver. His work in Bullitt is legendary where he drove the black Dodge Charger 440 Magnum that was pursued by Steve McQueen in his Ford Mustang 390 G.T. For his reputation earned on Bullitt, Hickman was hired by William Friedkin for The French Connection...
2. Percy Rodrigues Percy Rodrigues Actor, Star Trek A symbol of intelligence, leadership and moral strength in his various 1960s and 1970s roles, African-Canadian actor Percy Rodrigues rose in Hollywood stature during the late 1960s following a couple of earlier Broadway appearances. The serenely handsome, distinguished-looking actor also became notable...
3. Rudy Solari Rudy Solari Actor, Star Trek
4. Al Adamson Al Adamson Director, Angels' Wild Women Although it's very unlikely that his admittedly cheap-'n'-cheesy films will ever be acknowledged as true works of cinematic art, director/producer/screenwriter Al Adamson did nonetheless make a slew of entertainingly trashy low-budget exploitation features for the drive-in market throughout the 1960s and 1970s...
5. Patsy Garrett Patsy Garrett Actress, Benji
6. John Van Druten John Van Druten Writer, Gaslight
7. Jack Jozefson Jack Jozefson Actor, Bruce Almighty
8. Irving Asher Irving Asher Producer, The Four Feathers
9. Frankie Randall Frankie Randall Actor, Wild on the Beach
10. Alexander Gray Alexander Gray Actor, The Song of the Flame Alexander Gray called himself "a bashful man with a stutter." A native of Pennsylvania, Mr. Gray attended primary and grammar school in Baltimore, Maryland. His summers were spent milking his uncle's cows in Lancaster County, PA. No one would have dreamed that this cow-milking boy would become a recitalist...
11. Vince Gutierrez Vince Gutierrez Sound Department, Unnatural Causes
12. Irving Kaufman Irving Kaufman Actor, Sunshine State
13. Floyd Odlum Floyd Odlum Self, Longines Chronoscope
14. Noreen Michaels Noreen Michaels Actress, The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show
15. Christine George Christine George Makeup Department, Grease
16. Jacqueline Cochran Jacqueline Cochran Self, Brains Can Be Beautiful
17. Ralph P. Cousins Ralph P. Cousins Self, Men of the Sky
18. Charles Ed Rickey Charles Ed Rickey Director, Villa Alegre
19. Gloria McGough Gloria McGough Actress, Mystery Lake
20. Rex Downs Rex Downs Actor, The Bottled Spider
21. Stax Graves Stax Graves Camera and Electrical Department, Sky Liner
21 names.