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1. Henry Lee Lucas Henry Lee Lucas Self, Murder by Numbers An unwanted child born to a destitute family in Blacksburg, Virginia, Henry Lee Lucas' mother, 41-year-old Viola, turned tricks in their dirt floor cabin in front of the family. She hated her new son from the time he was born and continually abused him. Her husband Anderson, who had lost his legs in a railroad accident...
2. Michael Perry Michael Perry Self, Into the Abyss
3. David Harris David Harris Self, The Thin Blue Line
4. Kenneth McDuff Kenneth McDuff Self, The Serial Killers Kenneth McDuff has the dubious distinction as being the only man in Texas history to be sentenced to death for murder, paroled, arrested and convicted of murder, and re-sent to death row. While it is confirmed he killed 9 people, he may have killed as many as 14. Born and raised in Rosebud, Texas, his parents...
5. Tommy Lynn Sells Tommy Lynn Sells Self, Most Evil
6. George Angel Rivas Jr. George Angel Rivas Jr. Self, The Hunt for the Texas 7
7. Ronald Clark O'Bryan Ronald Clark O'Bryan
8. Broderick Beaver Broderick Beaver Actor, Grand Champion
9. Karla Faye Tucker Karla Faye Tucker
10. Chief Red Wing Chief Red Wing Actor, The Plains Across
11. Michael Anthony Rodriguez Michael Anthony Rodriguez Self, The Hunt for the Texas 7
12. Rafael Resendez Ramirez Rafael Resendez Ramirez
13. Donald Keith Newbury Donald Keith Newbury Self, The Hunt for the Texas 7
13 names.