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1. Elizabeth Allan Elizabeth Allan Actress, A Tale of Two Cities
2. Dora Bryan Dora Bryan Actress, A Taste of Honey
3. Patsy Rowlands Patsy Rowlands Actress, The Squirrels Born in 1931, she attended a succession of Convent Schools without any sense of direction until a new elocution teacher recognised her potential, and encouraged her to apply for a Guildhall School of Speech and Drama scholarship. She won it when she was just 15, coming top in the whole of England. ...
4. Fay Compton Fay Compton Actress, The Haunting
5. Marjorie Rhodes Marjorie Rhodes Actress, The Family Way
6. Jack May Jack May Actor, The Man Who Would Be King
7. Janet Brown Janet Brown Actress, For Your Eyes Only
8. Dudley Stevens Dudley Stevens Actor, The Good Old Days
9. Ingeborg von Kusserow Ingeborg von Kusserow Actress, Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N.
10. Joan Henley Joan Henley Actress, A Room with a View
11. O.B. Clarence O.B. Clarence Actor, Great Expectations Stocky, bespectacled English character actor, whose career began in the music halls. Educated at Dover College, Oliver Burchett Clarence acted in repertory theatre from 1890. He then worked as a member of actor-manager Frank Benson's troupe for a number of years. During the First World War, he served as a special constable...
12. Michael Langdon Michael Langdon Actor, Die Fledermaus
13. Pamela Stirling Pamela Stirling Actress, La Marseillaise
14. Christine Lindsay Christine Lindsay Actress, Wuthering Heights
15. Renee Gadd Renee Gadd Actress, Dead of Night
16. Laura Bayley Laura Bayley Actress, A Kiss in the Tunnel
17. Basil Gill Basil Gill Actor, High Treason
18. Margaret Burton Margaret Burton Actress, Sex and the Other Woman
19. Carmen Dillon Carmen Dillon Art Director, The Omen
20. Leslie Holmes Leslie Holmes Soundtrack, His Lordship
21. Frederick Lloyd Frederick Lloyd Actor, Oliver Twist
22. Fred McNaughton Fred McNaughton Actor, Steptoe and Son
23. Grace Lane Grace Lane Actress, The Mad Hatters
24. Joseph Jefferson Farjeon Joseph Jefferson Farjeon Writer, Number 17
25. Laurence Meynell Laurence Meynell Writer, The Shadow Man
26. Marie Lloyd Marie Lloyd Self, Music-Hall Cavalcade
27. Alex Vetchinsky Alex Vetchinsky Art Director, A Night to Remember
28. Margaret Powell Margaret Powell Self, Vincent Price Is in the Country
29. Olive Gilbert Olive Gilbert Actress, The Dancing Years
30. Langley Howard Langley Howard Actor, False Evidence
31. Roy Shaw Roy Shaw Writer, Your Sunday Paper
32. Alec C. Snowden Alec C. Snowden Producer, Finger of Guilt
33. Denise Anthony Denise Anthony Actress, Death in High Heels
34. Moya Mannering Moya Mannering Actress, Les cloches de Corneville
35. Gwen Catley Gwen Catley Self, We'll Smile Again The British soprano Gwen Catley had blonde hair and blue eyes, and was just a little over five feet tall; her voice was exceptionally pure and clear, and is instantly recognisable - her personal charm and simplicity is strongly reflected in her style of singing. She was a very popular radio and recording artist...
36. Syd Walker Syd Walker Actor, What Would You Do, Chums?
37. Constance Cox Constance Cox Writer, Oliver Twist
38. Stanley Drewitt Stanley Drewitt Actor, The Marvellous History of St. Bernard
39. George Fowler George Fowler Production Manager, The Day of the Triffids
40. Eric Robinson Eric Robinson Music Department, Music for You
41. Peter Leabourne Peter Leabourne Actor, The Penalty King
42. Jill Fenson Jill Fenson Actress, Just William
43. Phoebe Kershaw Phoebe Kershaw Actress, Blackout
44. Luigi Arditi Luigi Arditi Soundtrack, Every Sunday
45. Margaret Vaughan Margaret Vaughan Actress, The Girl Without a Soul
46. Roger Proudlock Roger Proudlock Producer, The Spaniard's Curse
47. David Sinclair David Sinclair Actor, The Wind in the Willows
48. Noel Botham Noel Botham Writer, The Murder of Princess Diana
49. Jack Hobbs Jack Hobbs Self, This Is Your Life
50. Joyce Golding Joyce Golding Actress, Trouble in the Air
1-50 of 58 names.