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1. Anna Nicole Smith Anna Nicole Smith Miscellaneous Crew, The Anna Nicole Show
2. Joe DiMaggio Joe DiMaggio Self, The Joe DiMaggio Show Joe DiMaggio was simply the greatest all-around baseball player of his era, which was the last before integration changed the complexion of the game in the 1950s. As a New York baseball legend, "The Yankee Clipper" succeeded superstars Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig and preceded Mickey Mantle...
3. Émile Genest Émile Genest Actor, The Incredible Journey
4. Count Basie Count Basie Soundtrack, Pearl Harbor The famed composer ("One O'Clock Jump", "Two O'Clock Jump", "Jumpin' at the Woodside"), pianist, songwriter and bandleader began as an accompanist to vaudeville acts. He joined the Bennie Moten orchestra in Kansas City, later organizing his own orchestra and performing on radio. In 1936 he came to New York...
5. William Kerwin William Kerwin Actor, Blood Feast Though character actor William Kerwin may be better known for Herschell Gordon Lewis horror movies. He has enjoyed a major stage, film and TV career. At a young age, William was trained on the stage and appeared in several plays and Broadway shows. During his acting career he has worked a lot on the stage with his wife Connie Mason...
6. Freddy Laker Freddy Laker Self, Perpetual Motion
7. Otis Toole Otis Toole Self, Death Diploma Ottis Elwood Toole was a self-confessed serial killer and cannibal who admitted to many murders and was the suspect in many more unsolved murders, some of which he committed with his friend Henry Lee Lucas. Toole was convicted of murder twice and confessed to four more murders, for which he was convicted by a court of law...
8. Lee Castle Lee Castle Self, Artie Shaw: Time Is All You've Got
9. Evelyn West Evelyn West Self, A Night at the Follies
10. Art Mooney Art Mooney Actor, Film Vodvil: Art Mooney and Orchestra American bandleader, who formed his first group in Detroit during the late 1930's. Never a particularly swinging outfit, it only lasted a few years until Mooney entered military service at the onset of World War II. In 1945, he organised a proper dance orchestra with a reed section organised along the lines of Glenn Miller...
11. Adam Walsh Adam Walsh
12. Jack Little Jack Little Soundtrack, Revolutionary Road Composer, songwriter ("A Shanty in Old Shanty Town"), conductor, pianist and singer. He came to the USA in his youth, and was educated in pre-med classes at the University of Iowa, where he organized the university band. He toured the country with an orchestra, appearing in hotels, night clubs, and on radio...
13. Bert Sheldon Bert Sheldon Actor, Porky's Revenge
14. Rufus King Rufus King Writer, Secret Beyond the Door...
15. Beverly McDermott Beverly McDermott Casting Department, Cocoon
16. Joseph W. Martin Jr. Joseph W. Martin Jr. Self, See It Now
17. Charles Mcdonald Charles Mcdonald Actor, Loyal Lives
18. Theodore Saidenberg Theodore Saidenberg Actor, They Shall Have Music
19. Maurice Spitalny Maurice Spitalny Soundtrack, Chocolat
20. Roy Jordan Roy Jordan
21. Claire Barry Claire Barry Self, Yeardley
22. Angelo Ross Angelo Ross Editor, Smokey and the Bandit
23. Arnold Holop Arnold Holop Composer, Night of Evil
24. Scott Snyder Scott Snyder Writer, Shooting God
24 names.