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1. Pekka Valkeejärvi Pekka Valkeejärvi Actor, Frozen Land
2. Kalle Holmberg Kalle Holmberg Actor, Aleksis Kivi
3. Siiri Angerkoski Siiri Angerkoski Actress, Aliisa
4. Tuija Ahvonen Tuija Ahvonen Actress, Jouluksi kotiin
5. Åke Lindman Åke Lindman Actor, Tuntematon sotilas Åke Lindman was a very skilled football player and played in the Finnish national team, he was offered a contract by the English Premier League team Swindon in the 60s but he turned it down and chose to become an actor.
6. Mikko Niskanen Mikko Niskanen Actor, Eight Deadly Shots Mikko Niskanen (1929-1990) was a Finnish film director, writer, producer and actor. He started his directing career in 1962 after studying film making in Moscow. His first feature film The Boys was a proof of his talent and earned him a Jussi Award for directing. During the next 12 months he also directed movies Sissit...
7. Tony Halme Tony Halme Actor, Die Hard with a Vengeance
8. Eemeli Eemeli Actor, Molskis, sanoi Eemeli, molskis!
9. Leo Jokela Leo Jokela Actor, Kaasua, komisario Palmu!
10. Teuvo Tulio Teuvo Tulio Editor, Sensuela
11. Leif Wager Leif Wager Actor, Saariston tyttö
12. Ritva Vepsä Ritva Vepsä Actress, 69 - Sixtynine
13. Tommi Rinne Tommi Rinne Actor, Matti ja Leena
14. Tauno Palo Tauno Palo Actor, Hilmanpäivät
15. Armand Lohikoski Armand Lohikoski Director, Pekka ja Pätkä lumimiehen jäljillä Born 1912 in Astoria, Oregon, Armand Lohikoski moved to Finland in 1921 with his parents. Before starting directing he worked in many different jobs in film industry, including as manager of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's office in Helsinki. MGM paid for his trip to Hollywood and he was there six months learning film making...
16. Einari Ketola Einari Ketola Actor, The Witch
17. Juhani Kumpulainen Juhani Kumpulainen Actor, Noin 7 veljestä
18. Tove Jansson Tove Jansson Writer, Mûmin
19. Ville-Veikko Salminen Ville-Veikko Salminen Actor, Kuutamosonaatti
20. Tarmo Manni Tarmo Manni Actor, Gabriel, tule takaisin
21. Risto Jarva Risto Jarva Director, Jäniksen vuosi Risto Jarva was one of the main characters in the so called "Finnish New Wave cinema" along with Mikko Niskanen, Jaakko Pakkasvirta and Erkko Kivikoski. As a boy he was interested in photography and later on a pastor in a local parish introduced him to cine-camera-filming. In his early twenties Jarva started to study chemistry in Helsinki Polytecnic...
22. Heimo Lepistö Heimo Lepistö Actor, Me Tammelat
23. Alvar Aalto Alvar Aalto Self, Alvar Aalto Alvar Aalto, one of Finland's most famous people who reshaped architecture and furniture of public buildings on the basis of functionality and organic relationship between man, nature and buildings, is now called the "Father of Modernism" in Scandinavian countries. He was born Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto...
24. Jaakko Kolmonen Jaakko Kolmonen Writer, Asia on pihvi
25. Risto Orko Risto Orko Producer, Herrat täysihoidossa
26. Tom of Finland Tom of Finland Self, Daddy and the Muscle Academy
27. Vesa Mäkelä Vesa Mäkelä Actor, The Man Without a Past
28. Caspar Wrede Caspar Wrede Director, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
29. Olavi Tuomi Olavi Tuomi Cinematographer, Tuntematon sotilas
30. Nils Brandt Nils Brandt Actor, Fanny and Alexander
31. Ritva Arvelo Ritva Arvelo Writer, Kultainen vasikka
32. Pekka Parikka Pekka Parikka Director, Talvisota
33. Toivo Mäkelä Toivo Mäkelä Actor, Elokuu
34. Irja Kuusla Irja Kuusla Actress, Rakas lurjus
35. Reino Valkama Reino Valkama Actor, Omena putoaa
36. Matti Oravisto Matti Oravisto Actor, Sissit
37. Olavi Ahonen Olavi Ahonen Actor, Tuntematon sotilas
38. Matti Ruohola Matti Ruohola Actor, Tanoshî Mûmin Ikka
39. Marja Korhonen Marja Korhonen Actress, Kultainen vasikka
40. Impi Aro Impi Aro Actress, Lain mukaan
41. Asta Backman Asta Backman Actress, Vihreän kullan maa
42. Jussi Jurkka Jussi Jurkka Actor, Tuntematon sotilas
43. Kalevi Hartti Kalevi Hartti Composer, Kasvot kuvastimessa
44. Mika Waltari Mika Waltari Writer, The Egyptian
45. T.J. Särkkä T.J. Särkkä Producer, 1918
46. Matti Ranin Matti Ranin Actor, Ihmeidentekijät
47. Tapio Hämäläinen Tapio Hämäläinen Actor, Tanoshî Mûmin Ikka
48. Marita Nordberg Marita Nordberg Actress, Nitrokabinetti
49. Pentti Viljanen Pentti Viljanen Actor, Pontevat pommaripojat
50. Erkki Karu Erkki Karu Producer, Koskenlaskijan morsian
1-50 of 734 names.