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1. Tomás Gutiérrez Alea Tomás Gutiérrez Alea Director, Strawberry and Chocolate Cuba's greatest and best-known director, Tomas Gutierrez Alea fell in love with cinema at an early age, began as a documentarian much influenced by Italian neorealism and came into his own as an artist during Fidel Castro's regime. Over the years he has evinced a fondness for both historical and contemporary fables...
2. Humberto Solás Humberto Solás Director, Barrio Cuba One of the great filmmakers of revolutionary Cuba, Humberto Solás entered the film industry as a teenager, and made his first short at 18. After taking a film course at Centro Sperimentale de Cinema in Rome, he made a big impression with his 1966 medium-lenght fiction "Manuela", the first of many films dedicated to the Cuban woman...
3. Ibrahim Ferrer Ibrahim Ferrer Self, Buena Vista Social Club
4. Compay Segundo Compay Segundo Self, Buena Vista Social Club
5. Sergio Corrieri Sergio Corrieri Actor, I Am Cuba
6. Santiago Álvarez Santiago Álvarez Director, 79 primaveras
7. Rubén González Rubén González Soundtrack, The Rum Diary
8. Alberto Granado Alberto Granado Self, The Motorcycle Diaries
9. Raquel Revuelta Raquel Revuelta Actress, Lucía
10. Manuel Octavio Gómez Manuel Octavio Gómez Director, The Days of Water
11. Ignacio Piñeiro Ignacio Piñeiro Soundtrack, Dance with Me
12. Ramon Mercader Ramon Mercader Uncategorised
13. Rita Montaner Rita Montaner Actress, Negro es mi color
14. Alfredo Guevara Alfredo Guevara Self, Beethoven's Hair
15. Pastor Vega Pastor Vega Director, Las profecías de Amanda
16. Philip Agee Philip Agee Self, Secrets of the CIA
17. Humberto Arenal Humberto Arenal Writer, Cannibal
18. Orlando 'Cachaíto' López Orlando 'Cachaíto' López Self, Buena Vista Social Club
19. Eliseo Grenet Eliseo Grenet Soundtrack, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights Songwriter ("Mama Inez"), composer and author, educated at the Cons. Nacional de Musica in Havana. In 1920, he conducted a theatrical group and toured Mexico and Central America, then founded his own troupe to perform his own compositions. At the Seville Expos, he was awarded the Gold Medal for folklore compositions...
20. Santiago Feliú Santiago Feliú Composer, Trovador de para mañana
21. Tito Junco Tito Junco Actor, The Last Supper
22. Adolfo Llauradó Adolfo Llauradó Actor, La primera carga al machete
23. Benny Moré Benny Moré Soundtrack, Before Night Falls
24. Pío Leyva Pío Leyva Self, Buena Vista Social Club
25. Enrique Santiesteban Enrique Santiesteban Actor, Los sobrevivientes
26. Martha Jean Claude Martha Jean Claude Actress, Cry of the Bewitched
27. César Portillo de la Luz César Portillo de la Luz Soundtrack, Nearest to Heaven
28. René de la Cruz René de la Cruz Actor, Memories of Underdevelopment
29. Enrique Almirante Enrique Almirante Actor, Tiempo de morir
30. Jose Lezama Jose Lezama Writer, ...de hierbas y caracoles
31. Miguelito Cuni Miguelito Cuni Composer, Un documental dedicado a Félix Chapottín y Miguelito Cuní
32. Liborio Noval Liborio Noval Self, Kordavision
33. José Massip José Massip Director, Madina-Boe Jose Massip was a Cuban film director and the winner of the 2012 National Film Award for his work during his 50 year career. He was founder of Cuba's Cinematographic Art and Industry Institute. He is known for directing "Historia de un ballet (Suite Yoruba)," "Paginas del diario de Jose Martí" and "Baragua."
34. Luis Alberto Ramírez Luis Alberto Ramírez Actor, A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings
35. Carlos Fariñas Carlos Fariñas Composer, I Am Cuba
36. Margarita Balboa Margarita Balboa Actress, El otro Francisco
37. Helio Orovio Helio Orovio Writer, La isla de la música
38. Onelio Jorge Cardoso Onelio Jorge Cardoso Writer, Cumbite
39. Manuel 'Puntillita' Licea Manuel 'Puntillita' Licea Self, Buena Vista Social Club
40. Oscar Valdés Oscar Valdés Director, Roldán y Caturla
41. Enrique Jorrin Enrique Jorrin Soundtrack, I Love You, Man
42. Orlando de la Rosa Orlando de la Rosa Soundtrack, My Life Without Me
43. Manuel Duchesne Cuzán Manuel Duchesne Cuzán Music Department, Memories of Underdevelopment
44. Luis Carbonell Luis Carbonell Self, Con todo mi amor, Rita
45. Ana Lasalle Ana Lasalle Actress, Dock Sud
46. María de los Ángeles Santana María de los Ángeles Santana Actress, La vida en rosa
47. Félix B. Caignet Félix B. Caignet Writer, Angelitos negros
48. Henry J.W. Dam Henry J.W. Dam Writer, Her Silent Sacrifice
49. Esther Borja Esther Borja Actress, Adiós Buenos Aires
50. Juan Formell Juan Formell Self, Van Van, Let's Party
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