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1. Dick York Dick York Actor, Bewitched The gangly York is best remembered as the first and most frustrated "Darrin Stephens" on the long-running TV series Bewitched. He left the series in 1969 due to a chronic back ailment. He later founded Acting for Life, a private fund-raising effort for the homeless, which he managed from his home where he was bedridden with a degenerative spine injury.
2. Drake Tester Drake Tester Self, The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down
3. Ray Quinn Ray Quinn Actor, Magnificent Obsession
4. Bobby DeBarge Bobby DeBarge Self, Punky Brewster
5. Violet MacMillan Violet MacMillan Actress, The New Wizard of Oz
6. Margery Fife Margery Fife Actress, Tarzan and the Amazons
7. Jimmy Forrest Jimmy Forrest Soundtrack, Back to the Future Afro-American jazz musician and composer. A hard-driving, modern-intoned tenor saxophonist, he began with the Jeter-Pillars Orchestra and then worked during the mid- and late 1930's with Fate Marable and Dewey Jackson in the St. Louis area. In 1940, he joined Jay McShann in Kansas City, playing in the same section of the band as Charlie Parker...
8. Margery Marston Margery Marston Actress, Tarzan and the Amazons Margery Sue Fife, (screen name "Marston") was born in Westchester, NY, along with her twin sister Marion, aka "GoGo". Her younger brother Ross (named after their father) was born in 1924. After graduating from high school, their father said he would pay for them to go to college, or he would pay for them to go on a trip around the world...
9. Ralph Baldwin Ralph Baldwin Self, Modern Marvels
10. Arthur H. Vandenberg Arthur H. Vandenberg Self, Universal Newsreel
11. Theodore Robert Grevers Theodore Robert Grevers Self, What's My Line?
11 names.