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1. Kenneth Mars Kenneth Mars Actor, The Little Mermaid
2. Billie Bird Billie Bird Actress, Home Alone Vaudeville comedienne Billie Bird Sellen was discovered at an orphanage at the age of eight years and hired to tour theater circuits with a vaudeville troupe. During the Vietnam War she accompanied 12 USO tours entertaining the troops in the war zone in the 1960s and 1970s. She had worked as recently as 1995 when she appeared in Jury Duty...
3. Frank Wilcox Frank Wilcox Actor, The Greatest Show on Earth Following a year at the University of Kansas, Wilcox returned to Atchison where he worked for Lockwood-Hazel Printing Co. He attended St. Benedict's College in Atchison for a year and a half and graduated in the class of 1933. Wilcox received the Cross of the Order of St. Benedict, given for the first time ever in 1969...
4. Liam Dunn Liam Dunn Actor, Young Frankenstein Liam Dunn was born in New Jersey in 1916, went to regular high school and entered a small acting school where he constantly acted in plays. Dunn was considered for his first movie role in 1968, but turned it down to work on T.V. Dunn's first big break came in 1972 for his character Judge Maxwell in the film What's Up, Doc?...
5. Chao Li Chi Chao Li Chi Actor, The Prestige
6. Barbara Ford Barbara Ford Editor, Mask
7. Flower Parry Flower Parry Actress, The Jerk Flower Parry was a native Californian who broke into show business as a dancer in Nils T. Granlund's Florentine Gardens Revue in 1941. Working as a cigarette girl she met then soon married 'Jackie Coogan' qv that year and they had one son, 'Jackie Coogan Jr.' qv (birth name: John Anthony Coogan), born on March 4...
8. Bob Woodward Bob Woodward Actor, Annie Oakley
9. Jackie Lyn Dufton Jackie Lyn Dufton Actress, Pack Up Your Troubles Born in England as Jaquelyn Dufton, she worked in pictures under the name Jacquie Lyn. Her brief career as a child actor came to an end when her stepfather asked for more money than the studios were willing to pay. Later, she married and became Jacquelyn Woll. It was reportedly on the advice of the cowboy star Tim McCoy that Jacquie Lyn was taken to see the independent producer Hal Roach...
10. Dorothy Vernon Dorothy Vernon Actress, The Dentist Titian haired, full figured, voluptuous Dorothy Vernon had a career that spanned from the early days of moving pictures through the boxed screen known as television. Rather it was a comedy, a western, a musical or whatever was needed, Dorothy did it all. Her unforgettable glow and her almost heavenly serene appearance was the focal point of many western square dances...
11. Joseph Vitale Joseph Vitale Actor, Road to Rio
12. Eddie Hall Eddie Hall Actor, Military Training
13. Simon Chung Simon Chung Art Department, American Dad!
14. Blanche Payson Blanche Payson Actress, Wife and Auto Trouble
15. Joy Hallward Joy Hallward Actress, Born to Be Bad
16. Alex Bookston Alex Bookston Actor, Murder in the First
17. Charles O'Curran Charles O'Curran Miscellaneous Crew, Road to Bali
18. Phil Hetos Phil Hetos Editorial Department, American Beauty
19. Buddy Clark Buddy Clark Music Department, The Subterraneans Jazz bassist and recording artist, educated on piano, bass and brass instruments in Kenosha, and later (1948-1949) in general music courses at the Chicago Musical College. He doubled on trombone and bass in his first jobs, and worked with Bud Freeman and Bill Russo in Chicago combos during 1950, then went on the road with Tex Beneke between 1951 and 1954...
20. Raymond Severn Raymond Severn Actor, We Are Not Alone
21. Walter Crisham Walter Crisham Actor, Moulin Rouge
22. Dick Young Dick Young Actor, The Champ
23. Moy Ming Moy Ming Actor, Shadow of Chinatown
24. Tom May Tom May Camera and Electrical Department, Batman Returns
25. Sass Bedig Sass Bedig Special Effects, The Godfather
26. William Cahn William Cahn Editor, Greatest Sports Legends
27. Michael Farkash Michael Farkash Writer, Street Vengeance
28. Kevin Enright Kevin Enright Actor, Hand of Death
29. Jim Herring Jim Herring Camera and Electrical Department, The Magic of David Copperfield III: Levitating Ferrari
30. Edward Wahrman Edward Wahrman Camera and Electrical Department, Vertigo
31. Jack Stone Jack Stone Makeup Department, The Man with the Golden Arm
32. Harris Ashburn Harris Ashburn Music Department, The Incredible Shrinking Man
33. Billy Vernon Billy Vernon Actor, Jet Pilot
34. Rod Wilson Rod Wilson Makeup Department, American Pie
35. Robert Budaska Robert Budaska Actor, Grizzly Mountain
36. Phillip Dennis Phillip Dennis Costume and Wardrobe Department, The Beastmaster
37. Dawn Benedict Dawn Benedict
38. John Tringali John Tringali Actor, Winterset
39. Tommy Ryan Tommy Ryan Actor, Safe Guarded
40. Jo Anne Finan Jo Anne Finan Editorial Department, Pitch Black
40 names.