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1. Lars Brandeby Lars Brandeby Actor, Kurt Olssons julkalender After being expelled from high-school he worked for a few years in the sanitation business. In the evenings he studied to become a journalist. Working on Radio Sjuhärad he came in touch with Nationalteatern in Gothenburg and began a new career as an actor. Around 1980 he created the grumpy and bossy character Kurt Olsson for a radio show...
2. Lena Brogren Lena Brogren Actress, Rasmus på luffen
3. Freddie Wadling Freddie Wadling Actor, Harry och Sonja
4. Åke Söderblom Åke Söderblom Actor, Springpojkar är vi allihopa!
5. Sonya Hedenbratt Sonya Hedenbratt Actress, Fanny and Alexander
6. Peter Rangmar Peter Rangmar Actor, The Castle Tour He was born November 10th 1956 in Annelund Sweden. Moved to Gothenburg as a child. Started studying at 'Chalmers' (technical school) when he was about 20 years old. In 1979 he formed the Barbershop group 'After Shave' with Knut Agnred, Per Fritzell and Jan Rippe. In 1982 they worked with the humor group 'Galenskaparna' (Claes and Anders Eriksson...
7. Kent Andersson Kent Andersson Actor, Morrhår & ärtor
8. Douglas Håge Douglas Håge Actor, Fridolfs farliga ålder
9. Bertil Anderberg Bertil Anderberg Actor, The Seventh Seal
10. Nils Peters Nils Peters Actor, Albert & Herbert
11. Roland Söderberg Roland Söderberg Actor, Rymmare
12. Berta Hall Berta Hall Actress, Port of Call
13. Yngve Nordwall Yngve Nordwall Actor, Wild Strawberries
14. Percy Brandt Percy Brandt Actor, Kvinnorna på taket Percy Brandt was a Swedish actor, born on November 7, 1922 in Lahore, Punjab, British India. He is best known for his legendary performances as the father in Swedish playwright Lars Noréns "Modet att döda", "Natten är dagens mor" and "Kaos är granne med Gud". All three made for television in the 1908's...
15. Håkan Jahnberg Håkan Jahnberg Actor, The Silence
16. Herman Ahlsell Herman Ahlsell Actor, En karl i köket
17. Björn Afzelius Björn Afzelius Soundtrack, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
18. Laila Westersund Laila Westersund Actress, Panik på kliniken
19. Ulf Qvarsebo Ulf Qvarsebo Actor, I gult och blått Ulf Edgar Qvarsebo was a Swedish actor, born on April 15, 1931 in Bromma, Stockholm. He began his acting career at the age of 14 when he traveled around Sweden with his uncle, the famous revue actor Elof Ahrle. He studied at Calle Flygares Theatre School, Stockholm, in 1948. Followed by a large number of roles at many theaters...
20. Sten Engborg Sten Engborg Actor, Taxibilder
21. Torsten Näslund Torsten Näslund Actor, Blueprint
22. Claes Sylwander Claes Sylwander Director, Blomman från Hawaii
23. Kurt Tucholsky Kurt Tucholsky Writer, Gripsholm Tucholsky was born of Jewish parents in Berlin. Studied law. His Jewish origin and left-wing conviction soon brought him into conflict with the right wing German movements and caused him to leave Germany as early as 1924. Writer for the famous German literary and political periodical Die Weltbühne (1918-1933)...
24. Ludde Gentzel Ludde Gentzel Actor, Kronblom
25. Kolbjörn Knudsen Kolbjörn Knudsen Actor, Nattvardsgästerna
26. Keith Hårleman Keith Hårleman Actress, En flicka kommer till sta'n
27. Harry Ahlin Harry Ahlin Actor, Port of Call
28. June Richmond June Richmond Actress, Reet, Petite, and Gone
29. Bengt Lindström Bengt Lindström Actor, A Time to Love and a Time to Die
30. Ebba Ringdahl Ebba Ringdahl Actress, Markurells i Wadköping
31. Georg Adelly Georg Adelly Actor, Sverige åt svenskarna
32. Ittla Frodi Ittla Frodi Actress, The Indelicate Balance
33. Hagge Geigert Hagge Geigert Writer, Gäst hos Hagge
34. Anna Kristina Kallin Anna Kristina Kallin Actress, Den bästa sommaren
35. Ingalill Söderman Ingalill Söderman Actress, Raskens
36. Oscar Textorius Oscar Textorius Actor, Stockholmsfrestelser eller Ett Norrlands-herrskaps äventyr i den sköna synderskans stad
37. Märta Tärnstedt Märta Tärnstedt Actress, Leif
38. Pia Rydvall Pia Rydvall Actress, Den nakne mannen och mannen i frack
39. Torsten Hammarén Torsten Hammarén Actor, The Saga of Gösta Berling
40. Berndt Westerberg Berndt Westerberg Actor, Den store amatören
41. Harald 'Bagarn' Andersson Harald 'Bagarn' Andersson Actor, Smugglarkungen
42. Anna-Lisa Hydén Anna-Lisa Hydén Actress, Unga hjärtan
43. Bo Gentzel Bo Gentzel Actor, SOS
44. Helge Mauritz Helge Mauritz Actor, En vår i vapen
45. Lars Johan Werle Lars Johan Werle Composer, Persona
46. Ulla Smidje Ulla Smidje Actress, The Emigrants
47. Wanda Rothgardt Wanda Rothgardt Actress, Två människor
48. Torborg Stjerner Torborg Stjerner Actress, Flickorna på Solvik
49. Rune Ottoson Rune Ottoson Actor, Kulstötaren
50. Gertie Löweström Gertie Löweström Actress, Löjen och tårar
1-50 of 72 names.