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1. Ray Barrett Ray Barrett Actor, Australia Ray Barrett studied music and elocution and began acting at the age of eleven. He was the first actor put under contract by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Drama section. He worked for several years on radio in Sydney, before working successfully in Britain between 1958 and the mid-1970s, when he returned to Australia. He has received two AFI (Australian Film Industry) awards as an actor.
2. George Mallaby George Mallaby Actor, Homicide Best known in Australia as Detective Peter Barnes (1967-73) in the long running police drama Homicide. He later appeared in Cop Shop and began to make a name for himself in local and international movies before suffering the first of the strokes that would eventually kill him in the mid-1980s. He was confined to a wheelchair for the last four years of his life...
3. Norah Seccombe Norah Seccombe
4. Syd Heylen Syd Heylen Actor, A Country Practice At 16, he joined the Army, eventually serving on the Kokoda Trail in the 39th Infantry during WW2. He later joined the Army entertainment troupe.
5. Lucky Grills Lucky Grills Actor, Bluey
6. Slim DeGrey Slim DeGrey Actor, Wake in Fright
7. Barry Sheene Barry Sheene Self, Faster
8. Jack Brabham Jack Brabham Self, Formula 1 Three-time Formula 1 World Champion Jack Brabham had a long and fruitful career in racing. The Australian native won numerous titles in his home country before taking on the world. After Brabham entered the prestigious Formula 1 series, he raced for the Cooper Car Co., who provided him with his first two World Championships in 1959 & 1960...
9. Colin McEwan Colin McEwan Actor, Ryan
10. Gordon Chater Gordon Chater Actor, My Name's McGooley, What's Yours?
11. John Dingwall John Dingwall Writer, Sunday Too Far Away
12. Martin St. James Martin St. James Self, Hypnoland
13. Bernard King Bernard King Self, Good Morning Sydney
14. Kenneth R. Hayles Kenneth R. Hayles Writer, Suspended Alibi
15. Billy Raymond Billy Raymond Self, The Rose and Crown
16. Geoff Mack Geoff Mack Soundtrack, Flight of the Phoenix
17. John 'Catfish' Purser John 'Catfish' Purser Self, Johnny O'Keefe: The Wild One
18. Steve Ricard Steve Ricard Self, E:60
19. Frank Tyson Frank Tyson Self, International Knock Out Match: M.C.C. vs. Australia
19 names.