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1. Jane Hylton Jane Hylton Actress, Passport to Pimlico
2. Mark McManus Mark McManus Actor, Taggart
3. Iain Cuthbertson Iain Cuthbertson Actor, Sutherland's Law
4. Rikki Fulton Rikki Fulton Actor, Local Hero
5. Duncan Macrae Duncan Macrae Actor, The Little Kidnappers
6. Iain McColl Iain McColl Actor, Gangs of New York A new book, "McColl of the Wild" McColl, a familiar face in Scottish televsion comedy for more than 20 years, passed away in 2013 following a battle with cancer. He rose to national prominence during the 1980s and 1990s with roles in sitcoms 'City Lights' and 'Rab C Nesbitt'. He was cast in Martin Scorsese's blockbuster movie 'Gangs of New York' Before he died...
7. Jake D'Arcy Jake D'Arcy Actor, Gregory's Girl
8. Sean Scanlan Sean Scanlan Actor, A Sense of Freedom
9. Tom Busby Tom Busby Actor, The Dirty Dozen
10. Lesley Fitz-Simons Lesley Fitz-Simons Actress, Take the High Road
11. Frank Wylie Frank Wylie Actor, Take the High Road
12. Cecil Ramage Cecil Ramage Actor, Kind Hearts and Coronets Cecil Beresford Ramage, MC (17 January 1895 - 22 February 1988) was a Scottish barrister, actor and Liberal politician. Following his education at the Edinburgh Academy, Ramage was commissioned as an officer in the Royal Scots at the outbreak of World War I. He served in Gallipoli, Palestine and Egypt and was awarded the Military Cross...
13. Jenny McCrindle Jenny McCrindle Actress, The Acid House
14. Roddy McMillan Roddy McMillan Actor, Chato's Land
15. John Young John Young Actor, Monty Python and the Holy Grail
16. John Grieve John Grieve Actor, Eye of the Needle
17. Alex Mackenzie Alex Mackenzie Actor, High and Dry
18. George Donaldson George Donaldson Self, Celtic Thunder: Take Me Home
19. Irene Sunters Irene Sunters Actress, The Wicker Man
20. Freddie Boardley Freddie Boardley Actor, Death Watch
21. Peter Manuel Peter Manuel
22. Phil McCall Phil McCall Actor, Breaking the Waves
23. Charles Borromel Charles Borromel Actor, Ladyhawke
24. Molly Urquhart Molly Urquhart Actress, A Man for All Seasons
25. John Brunner John Brunner Writer, The Terrornauts 'John Brunner''s first novel, "Galactic Storm", was published in 1951 when he was 17 years old. Numerous popular novels continued over the next two decades including "The Atlantic Abomination" (1960) and "Squares of the City" (1965). Brunner achieved critical acclaim with his 1969 work "Stand on Zanzibar"...
26. Jean Faulds Jean Faulds Actress, The French Lieutenant's Woman
27. Junior Walker Junior Walker Actor, Sweet Sixteen
28. Susan Boyd Susan Boyd Writer, EastEnders
29. Paul Kermack Paul Kermack Actor, Take the High Road
30. Jack Milroy Jack Milroy Actor, Francie and Josie
31. Charles Gormley Charles Gormley Writer, The Gospel According to Vic
32. Effie Morrison Effie Morrison Actress, The Other Dear Charmer
33. Abe Barker Abe Barker Actor, High and Dry
34. Michael O'Halloran Michael O'Halloran Actor, The Piper of Orde
35. Jack Radcliffe Jack Radcliffe Actor, Wee Geordie
36. Morris Harvey Morris Harvey Actor, Scrooge
37. Betty Henderson Betty Henderson Actress, High and Dry
38. John Brown John Brown Writer, The Flying Scotsman
39. James McGill James McGill Actor, The Lady Says No
40. Dominic Behan Dominic Behan Writer, Teems of Times
41. Clem Ashby Clem Ashby Actor, The Rikki Fulton Show Clem was first an foremost a jobbing actor, and was (relatively) well known to Scottish audiences due to his regular appearance in supporting roles. His career began with five years with the Old Vic Company, followed by seasons with Repertory Companies, including Oxford, Worthing and Colchester, interspersed with West End productions...
42. Diane Torr Diane Torr Actress, Venus Boyz
43. David MacLennan David MacLennan Writer, Balamory
44. Lois Penson Lois Penson Actress, Naughty!
45. Hugh McLauchlan Hugh McLauchlan Camera and Electrical Department, Charles Endell, Esq Hugh McLauchlan, the male half of the adagio-dance twosome Babette and Raoul, starred with his wife on stage and on TV. Their stylish snake-charming act was much in demand by bookers around the world in the fifties and early sixties. Born December 2, 1917, he studied at Hamilton Academy, where he lit drama and music shows at the school...
46. Hector MacGregor Hector MacGregor Actor, Stage Fright
47. John Maxwell Geddes John Maxwell Geddes Composer, Islands of the West
48. Edward Boyd Edward Boyd Writer, Robbery
49. Teddy Joyce Teddy Joyce Actor, Business Is a Pleasure
50. Moira Kaye Moira Kaye Actress, A Taste of Honey
1-50 of 87 names.