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1. Lois Maxwell Lois Maxwell Actress, Goldfinger Everyone knows (or should know) Lois Maxwell as the one and only "Miss Moneypenny", but there's much more to her acting career than that. She started out against her parents' will, and without their knowledge, in a Canadian children's radio program, credited as "Robin Wells". Before the age of 15 she...
2. David Ngoombujarra David Ngoombujarra Actor, Kangaroo Jack
3. Alex Goddard Alex Goddard Director, Untitled/The Trees
4. Isa Scott Isa Scott Self, Behind the Music
5. Neville Teede Neville Teede Actor, Harlequin
6. Claude Choules Claude Choules Self, The Last Tommy
7. Alex Glasgow Alex Glasgow Writer, The Pursuit of Happiness
7 names.