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1. Leonid Kinskey Leonid Kinskey Actor, Casablanca Leonid Kinskey, originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, performed across Europe and much of Latin America before his arrival in the United States. By 1932 he landed a small role as a radical in Ernst Lubitsch's comedy, Trouble in Paradise. The next year he played an agitator in Duck Soup. He went on to play small parts...
2. Philip Hammond Philip Hammond Self, The Incredible Discovery of Noah's Ark
3. Don Blasingame Don Blasingame Self, 1958 MLB All-Star Game
4. Eugene Lay Eugene Lay Actor, G.I. War Brides
5. Ken Heady Ken Heady Actor, King Basketball Radio and television announcer in Kansas City, Missouri. Hosted the popular childrens' program "Kids Karnival" on KCMO-TV in the late 1950s. Also acted in Kansas City amateur theater productions and in industrial films made by the Calvin Company of Kansas City. He narrated one industrial film made by Centron Corporation of Lawrence...
5 names.