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1. Dennis Cole Dennis Cole Actor, The Young and the Restless A virile, beefcake blond of the late 1960s and 1970s small screen, Dennis Cole certainly had it all going for him, but tragic circumstances prevented an all-out successful career. A rugged TV version of Robert Redford, his tan, chiseled, surfer-fit looks were ideally suited for crime action and adventure stories and he gained ground by appearing everywhere -- daytime soaps...
2. Leslie Nielsen Leslie Nielsen Actor, The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! Leslie William Nielsen was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, and raised in Tulita (formerly Fort Norman), Northwest Territories. His mother, Mabel Elizabeth (Davies), was Welsh. His father, Ingvard Eversen Nielsen, was a Danish-born Mountie and a strict disciplinarian. Leslie studied at the Academy of Radio Arts in Toronto before moving on to New York's Neighborhood Playhouse...
3. Jackie Gleason Jackie Gleason Actor, The Hustler Comedian, actor, composer and conductor, educated in New York public schools. He was a master of ceremonies in amateur shows, a carnival barker, daredevil driver and a disc jockey., and later a comedian in night clubs. By the mid-1950s he had turned to writing original music and recording a series of popular and best-selling albums with his orchestra for Capitol Records...
4. Evie Wynn Johnson Evie Wynn Johnson Self, Tyrone Power: The Last Idol
5. Eve Smith Eve Smith Actress, Romancing the Stone
6. Dovima Dovima Actress, Funny Face
7. Shirley Patterson Shirley Patterson Actress, It! The Terror from Beyond Space
8. Gavin Muir Gavin Muir Actor, Night Tide Hailing from Chicago (his birth has also been noted as late as 1907 which to the purpose would be too late), Gavin Muir had that sort of lean and hungry John Carradine face and slight build that begged for character villain parts. Indeed he was bit by the acting bug and started in regional theater but jumped to Broadway by 1920...
9. Gigi Darlene Gigi Darlene Actress, Bad Girls Go to Hell Gigi Darlene was born Heli Leonore Weinreich on March 4, 1943 in Berlin, Germany. Of mixed French and German descent, Gigi had a repressive relationship with her strict mother and uncaring stepfather. Gigi entered and won regional beauty pageants as a teenager growing up in Germany. After threatening to run away from home at age sixteen...
10. Noel Madison Noel Madison Actor, The Pace That Kills American actor of stage and screen. His father was a famous character actor, Maurice Moscovitch who sent his son abroad to study in Paris, Lausanne, and London. Upon returning to the U.S. following his stage debut in Great Britain, he began an active career on the American stage, specializing in highly sophisticated characters...
11. Dave Thomas Dave Thomas Self, History on a Bun Born during the Depression to a dirt-poor single mother in Atlantic City. New Jersey, Dave Thomas was adopted as an infant by a traveling construction worker and his wife. Moving out on his own at age 15, Thomas held a succession of jobs in the food industry, starting out as a busboy and working his way up...
12. Julie Follansbee Julie Follansbee Actress, Regarding Henry
13. Leroy Shield Leroy Shield Soundtrack, Shanghai Knights Versatile in many different musical fields, Leroy Shield started out as organist and pianist at the age of five. He made his professional début at 12 and at 15 became an arranger, composer and concert pianist. He accompanied opera singer Eva Gauthier during her American concert tours and pioneered the modernist composers Ravel...
14. Thornton Freeland Thornton Freeland Director, Flying Down to Rio On the stage since childhood, Thornton Freeland went to work for Vitagraph in 1918, rising in the ranks from assistant cameraman to director, and made his directorial debut, Three Live Ghosts, just at the dawn of the sound era. A specialist in light romantic comedies and musicals, Freeland alternated between making films in the US and England in the 1930s and 1940s...
15. Jaco Pastorius Jaco Pastorius Self, Shadows and Light
16. Susan Teesdale Susan Teesdale Actress, Go for It
17. June Clyde June Clyde Actress, A Study in Scarlet
18. Bonnie Baker Bonnie Baker Actress, You're the One
19. Mollie King Mollie King Actress, The Mystery of the Double Cross Mollie King was born in New York City on April 16, 1895. Acting had always not been far from Mollie mind since she was living in New York. After all, this city was the hub of the entertainment industry long before Hollywood came along. She made her debut, at the age of 21, in 1916's A CIRCUS ROMANCE...
20. Ethelind Terry Ethelind Terry Actress, Lord Byron of Broadway A famous beauty in her day was Philadelphia-born Ethelind Terry, who made a successful career for herself as temperamental prima donna on the New York musical stage during the 1920's. She first came to notice in "Music Box Revue" and then scored with the Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.-produced "Kid Boots" in 1923...
21. Zane Musa Zane Musa Actor, Heartbreakers
22. Peter Donald Peter Donald Self, Episode #1.15
23. Jack Eigen Jack Eigen Actor, The Hoodlum Priest
24. Frances Milstead Frances Milstead Self, I Am Divine
25. Gene Pollar Gene Pollar Actor, The Revenge of Tarzan When he was 28 years old Numa Pictures offered New York City fireman Joseph Pohler the role of Tarzan on account of his physique: six feet two-and-a-half inches, two hundred fifteen pounds. He got a new name, Gene Pollar, and $100 per week plus expenses. When "The Revenge of Tarzan" turned out to be surprisingly successful...
26. Barbara Kroner Barbara Kroner Self, Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures
27. Eddie Higgins Eddie Higgins Music Department, The Brain
28. Max Peerce Max Peerce Actor, Goodbye, Columbus
29. Phil Bodner Phil Bodner Music Department, Bullets Over Broadway Composer, songwriter, saxophonist. He served in the US Army during WW II and then became a saxophonist and conductor for dance and recording orchestras, making many records. He joined ASCAP in 1960, and his songwriting credits include "Pepe's Theme".
30. Bernice Novack Bernice Novack Uncategorised
31. Al Fisher Al Fisher Self, Country Music Holiday
32. Marion Claire Marion Claire Actress, Make a Wish
33. Jean Tolley Jean Tolley Actress, The Uninvited Guest
34. Bonnie Blair Bonnie Blair Actress, The Falcon's Alibi
35. Alyce Mills Alyce Mills Actress, My Lady's Lips
36. D. James Kennedy D. James Kennedy Self, Scrooge and Marley
37. Earl Morrall Earl Morrall Self, Namath
38. Milt Grant Milt Grant Soundtrack, Pulp Fiction Milton Grant grew up in radio and television in Washington, D.C. He has had extensive experience in all areas of the business, including talent, sales, news, production, programming, general management, finance and ownership. Grant served, with distinction, in the O.S.S., the Office of Strategic Services of the United States Army, in North Africa and Italy, for three years, during World War II...
39. J. Silvestre J. Silvestre Writer, Os quatro Filhos
40. Robert Gribbon Robert Gribbon Actor, One Life to Live
41. Alfred White Alfred White Actor, Don't Bet on Love
42. Clay Shaw Clay Shaw Self, Episode dated 31 January 2006
43. Julius Boros Julius Boros Self, The Caddy
44. Robert Lamouret Robert Lamouret Self, European Nights
45. Eddie Davis Eddie Davis Actor, Racketeer Round-up
46. George Dromgold George Dromgold Writer, Hold 'Em Yale
47. David Griggs David Griggs Self, Super Bowl XXIX
48. Edmund De Vierno Edmund De Vierno Miscellaneous Crew, The Honeymooners: In Twenty-Five Words or Less
49. Effie Afton Effie Afton Actress, Middle of the Night
50. Hal Schaefer Hal Schaefer Composer, There's No Business Like Show Business
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