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1. Dale Carnegie Dale Carnegie Actor, Jiggs and Maggie in Society Dale Carnegie (originally Carnagey) was a pioneer in corporate training programs and the developer of famous courses in self-improvement, public speaking and interpersonal skills. His best know book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People," first published in 1936, remains popular ever since. He was born Dale Breckenridge Carnagey...
2. Fuller Mellish Jr. Fuller Mellish Jr. Actor, Applause
3. Hamilton MacFadden Hamilton MacFadden Director, Stand Up and Cheer!
4. Roy Benson Roy Benson Special Effects, The Flesh Eaters Roy Benson was born Edward Emerson Ford McQuaid, on January 17th, 1914 in Courbevoie, France. His mother was Dora Ford of the Four Fords and The Ford Sisters of Vaudeville fame, his father was Edward Emerson McQuaid of Vaudeville's Juggling team, Emerson and Baldwin. Roy led a very interesting life in an era which is a distant memory to some and ancient history to the current generation...
5. Eddie Layton Eddie Layton Music Department, The American Ruling Class Eddie Layton became the organist for the New York Yankees in 1967 when CBS (where he worked as a soap opera organist) bought the Yankees. The hiring of Layton was probably the best thing that occured during the CBS era of ownership. In his career as a sports venue organist he also worked for the Nicks...
6. Blanche Bayliss Blanche Bayliss Actress, Miss Jerry
7. Lee Sullivan Lee Sullivan Actor, Sing for Sweetie
8. Harry Cooke Harry Cooke Actor, Studio One in Hollywood
9. Terig Tucci Terig Tucci Music Department, El día que me quieras
10. Lou Singer Lou Singer Music Department, Green Acres
11. Burns Mantle Burns Mantle Writer, How Molly Malone Made Good American drama critic and essayist Burns Mantle was born Robert Burns Mantle in 1873 in Watertown, NY. He grew up in the Watertown area, but after finishing his education he struck out for the West. In 1892 he returned east again, intending to attend the Chicago World's Fair, but while he was in Denver he was offered a job as drama critic with the Denver Times...
12. Jere Delaney Jere Delaney Actor, Rubeville
13. Norbert Lusk Norbert Lusk Writer, A Clean Slate
14. Alfred Grünwald Alfred Grünwald Writer, Just a Gigolo
15. Don Marquis Don Marquis Writer, Skippy
16. Jack McAuliffe Jack McAuliffe Self, Boxing
17. Albert S. Howson Albert S. Howson Writer, The Greyhound Limited
18. John P. Costello John P. Costello Self, Amalfi Way
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