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1. Dorian Leigh Parker Dorian Leigh Parker Actress, Anna la bonne
2. Bruce Ed Morrow Bruce Ed Morrow Actor, Bugsy Bruce Edward Morrow was born on July 25, 1940, in Oskaloosa, Iowa, USA. He attended Southwest Missouri State University (now Missouri State University) in Springfield, then earned his Master's Degree in Journalism from the University of Iowa in Iowa City. He worked as a disc jockey in Los Angeles before relocating to the Washington...
3. Oleg Tupine Oleg Tupine Actor, Look for the Silver Lining
4. Charles Colson Charles Colson Self, Faith in the Big House
5. Stuart Roosa Stuart Roosa Self, For All Mankind
6. E.L. Konigsburg E.L. Konigsburg Writer, Caroline?
7. William R. Smedberg William R. Smedberg Self, What's My Line?
8. Fritz Roland Fritz Roland Cinematographer, Brotherhood of Death
9. Ruth Vann Ruth Vann Actress, Women's Prison
10. Harold Morowitz Harold Morowitz Self, How Life Began
11. Homer Gayne Homer Gayne Soundtrack, Border Wolves
12. Richard Queen Richard Queen Self, Escape from Iran: The Inside Story
13. Jackie Hanes Jackie Hanes Actor, Daddy Goes a Grunting
14. Judy B. Brown Judy B. Brown Actress, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
15. Judy Brown Judy Brown
16. Lyn Nofziger Lyn Nofziger Self, American Experience
17. Christina Heimlich Christina Heimlich Self, Cold War
18. Robert Taplett Robert Taplett Self, Our Time in Hell: The Korean War
18 names.