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1. Dick Cusack Dick Cusack Actor, The Fugitive
2. Gene Siskel Gene Siskel Self, Siskel & Ebert
3. Byrne Piven Byrne Piven Actor, Being John Malkovich
4. Bob L. Harris Bob L. Harris Actor, Appaloosa
5. Jeff Winkless Jeff Winkless Actor, Castle in the Sky
6. Molly Glynn Molly Glynn Actress, In America
7. Wesley Willis Wesley Willis Soundtrack, Super Size Me Wesley Willis was a truly distinctive one-of-a-kind singer/songwriter who suffered from chronic paranoid schizophrenia. Willis was born on May 31, 1963 in Chicago, Illinois. One in a family of ten children, Wesley's parents separated when he was young and he subsequently grew up in a series of foster homes being primarily raised by two older brothers who went with Wesley from home to home...
8. Sergio Oliva Sergio Oliva Actor, Los temibles
9. Adrienne Kroell Adrienne Kroell Actress, The Adventuress
10. Winifred Harris Winifred Harris Actress, Night Must Fall
11. Roy Leonard Roy Leonard Actor, Family Classics
12. Quincy Wong Quincy Wong Actor, Mo' Money Wong was a recognizable Asian actor in the midwest. He did his part to rid the film world of Asian-male stereotypes.
13. Nelson Shawn Nelson Shawn Soundtrack, Tete Montoliu, una mirada
14. Beverly Younger Beverly Younger Actress, Medium Cool Beverly Ruth Younger was born August 2, 1915 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Her parents were Edward J. Younger (1891-1954) and Margaret Verle Dunham (1891-1975). Beverly's first stage appearance was at the age of four and from the age of six until she left high school in Minneapolis, Minnesota...
15. Algis Budrys Algis Budrys Writer, Who? While born in eastern Europe, he has lived in the US since 1936. He initially worked for his father, who was US representative of the Lithuanian government-in-exile. He began publishing science fiction in 1952 in the magazine "Astounding Science Fiction" (now "Analog").
16. Robert Remini Robert Remini Self, Rayburn: Mr. Speaker
17. Jethro Jethro Self, Second Fiddle to a Steel Guitar
18. Hans Wurman Hans Wurman Sound Department, Bog
19. Clarissa Mancuso Clarissa Mancuso Actress, Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style
20. Pierre Andre Pierre Andre Actor, My Wild Irish Rose
21. Charles Dawes Charles Dawes Soundtrack, October Sky
22. Harlan Ware Harlan Ware Writer, Come Fill the Cup
23. Emerson Hough Emerson Hough Writer, The Covered Wagon
24. Mike Royko Mike Royko Writer, Boss
25. Don McNeill Don McNeill Self, I've Got a Secret
26. George Connor George Connor Self, 1964 East-West Pro Bowl
27. Linton Wells Linton Wells Writer, Suzanna
28. Robert May Robert May Writer, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
29. Philip Glaessner Philip Glaessner Self, Berga: Soldiers of Another War
30. Charles Benton Charles Benton
31. Rose Jourdain Rose Jourdain Self, American Experience
32. Sumner Lyon Sumner Lyon Producer, A for Achievement
33. Marv Rotblatt Marv Rotblatt Self, Jews and Baseball: An American Love Story
34. Clint Frank Clint Frank
35. Randy Walker Randy Walker Self, 2000 Sylvania Alamo Bowl
36. Marvin W. Spoor Marvin W. Spoor Camera and Electrical Department, Tomahawk
37. Jerome Holtzman Jerome Holtzman Self, ESPN SportsCentury
38. Henry Kitchell Webster Henry Kitchell Webster Writer, The Great Adventure Henry Kitchell Webster was born on 7 September, 1875, in the Chicago suburb of Evanston, Illinois, the son of Towner K. and Emma J. Webster. Webster's father was a prominent Chicago area manufacturer. After graduating from Hamilton College in 1897, Webster taught rhetoric at Union College. His first book...
39. Carl Ed Carl Ed Writer, Harold Teen
40. Charlie Berry Charlie Berry Self, 1962 World Series
41. Bill Wirtz Bill Wirtz Self, Sonja Henie: Isens dronning
42. Charles Lippitz Charles Lippitz Producer, Season of Change
42 names.