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1. Julia Anne Robinson Julia Anne Robinson Actress, The King of Marvin Gardens
2. Ken Kesey Ken Kesey Writer, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Kesey burst into the literary scene with the "Cuckoo's Nest" in 1962 which he wrote from his experiences working at a veterans hospital. During this period, he volunteered for the testing on the drug LSD. After writing his second novel, "Sometimes A Great Notion," he bought an old school bus dubbed "Further." With Neal Cassidy at the wheel and pitchers of LSD-laced-Kool-Laid in the cooler...
3. Rhoda Williams Rhoda Williams Actress, Cinderella
4. Theodore Sturgeon Theodore Sturgeon Writer, Killdozer Edward Hamilton Waldo was an American science fiction writer who published under the legal name Theodore Sturgeon - he changed his name following his mother's divorce. He was born on Staten Island, New York and sold his first short story in 1938. He is perhaps best known for the novel 'More Than Human' (1953) and his short horror story...
5. Duane Grey Duane Grey Actor, JFK
6. Stanley Neufeld Stanley Neufeld Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Naked City
7. Craig Huebing Craig Huebing Actor, General Hospital
8. Gene Rizzi Gene Rizzi Actor, The Outlaw Gene Rizzi was born Eugenio Valentino Rizzi on April 1, 1913, in the tiny village of Tret, Austria (now Italy), near the Italian Alps. His father died seven months earlier after returning to Austria from the United States. Gene's mother, Anna Maria Flor, raised him and his three siblings by herself and eventually moved the family back to Rock Springs...
9. Harry Owens Harry Owens Soundtrack, Aloha One of the foremost exponents of Hawaiian music, Harry Owens arrived in the islands in 1934 and became quickly enamored with the local scene. Owens had been a straight trumpet player in Los Angeles dance bands (at the Ambassador Hotel Cocoanut Grove and for Vincent Rose). His previous experience as a leader dated back to 1926...
10. Jack Herer Jack Herer Self, Emperor of Hemp
11. Frank Caffey Frank Caffey Production Manager, The Ten Commandments
12. Harold Terry Harold Terry Self, Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow
13. Damon Knight Damon Knight Writer, The Twilight Zone Damon Knight was a force of nature in the field of science fiction. He moved to New York City when he was 17 to live with science-fiction fans, writers and editors. He started the Science Fiction Writers of America. With his wife Kate Wilhelm, he influenced generations of writers at writers workshops...
14. June Filmer June Filmer Actress, One Man's Journey
15. Rolland Hamblen Rolland Hamblen Actor, The Little Colonel
16. Brian Lanker Brian Lanker Director, They Drew Fire Born Aug. 31, 1947, in Detroit, Mich. Won Pulitzer prize for feature photography (for the Topeka Capital-Journal) in 1972. The winning photograph was "Moment of Life," showing a newborn on its mother's stomach and the father cradling the mother's head.
17. Lou Halmy Lou Halmy Soundtrack, Xanadu
18. Dr. Axley Dr. Axley Miscellaneous Crew, The General
19. Mark Lewis Mark Lewis Actor, Nobody
20. Dave Frohnmayer Dave Frohnmayer Self, Oregon's War at Home and the Man Who Brought the Peace
21. Robert K. Richard Robert K. Richard Editor, My Three Sons
22. Ward Brant Ward Brant Actor, It Happens Every Spring
23. Don Paul Don Paul Self, 1957 NFL Championship Game
24. Katherine Kotorakos Katherine Kotorakos Makeup Department, Everybody Loves Raymond
25. Earl Esola Earl Esola Actor, Greed for Gold
26. Dee Wright Dee Wright Miscellaneous Crew, The General
26 names.