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1. Eric Sykes Eric Sykes Actor, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 'Eric Sykes' started as a radio scriptwriter but he soon found he could perform as well as write. The slight handicap of being very hard of hearing doesn't interfere with his wonderful comic timing. The spectacles he wears have no lenses but contain a bone conducting hearing aid.
2. Rita Davies Rita Davies Actress, Children of Men
3. Sam Kelly Sam Kelly Actor, Barbara Genial Manchester-born comic actor Sam Kelly had a considerable gift for timing and observation. His special forte was playing decrepit, rheumy characters of more advanced years than his own actual age. Among the many endearing impressions he made on the small screen, he is probably best remembered...
4. Angela Browne Angela Browne Actress, Press for Time Angela Browne was infatuated with cinema from early childhood, imagining herself acting the part of the heroine, during frequent visits to the pictures. Aged thirteen, she left her Catholic convent school to study at the Cone-Ripman Drama School in London. After four years, she earned herself a scholarship to RADA...
5. Michael Balfour Michael Balfour Actor, Batman Michael Balfour possessed a chubby, lived-in face which seemed to convey a perpetual state of bewilderment. The ubiquitous character actor tended to pop up in just about every second 50's or 60's British B-movie or television episode, which usually found him typecast as obtuse cabbies, wisecracking sidekicks or dumb thugs...
6. Heather Sears Heather Sears Actress, Room at the Top
7. Derek Benfield Derek Benfield Actor, The Brothers
8. Edward Jewesbury Edward Jewesbury Actor, Richard III
9. David Buck David Buck Actor, The Lord of the Rings David Buck (17 October 1936 - 27 January 1989) was an English actor. He starred in many television productions from 1959 until 1989. One of his earlier roles was that of Horatio Hornblower in an episode entitled "Hornblower" (1963), in the Alcoa Premiere TV series. He played Winston Smith in Theatre 625: The World of George Orwell: 1984 (1965)...
10. Ben Aris Ben Aris Actor, Tommy
11. Ann Sears Ann Sears Actress, The Bridge on the River Kwai
12. Marjie Lawrence Marjie Lawrence Actress, Hands of the Ripper
13. Yolande Palfrey Yolande Palfrey Actress, Dragonslayer
14. Sarah Branch Sarah Branch Actress, Sword of Sherwood Forest
15. R.C. Sherriff R.C. Sherriff Writer, The Invisible Man
16. Leslie Perrins Leslie Perrins Actor, The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes
17. Michael Holden Michael Holden Producer, Tom Jones
18. R.C. Lyle R.C. Lyle Actor, Wings of the Morning
19. Chris Greenham Chris Greenham Sound Department, Superman
20. Emily Wilding Davison Emily Wilding Davison
21. Bob Smith Bob Smith Camera and Electrical Department, Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
22. Derek Watkins Derek Watkins Music Department, Definitely, Maybe
23. Sheila Tracy Sheila Tracy Miscellaneous Crew, Len Goodman's Big Band Bonanza
24. Jonathan Bates Jonathan Bates Sound Department, Gandhi
25. Michael Napier Brown Michael Napier Brown Actor, The Dick Emery Christmas Show
26. Rita Reekie Rita Reekie Costume Designer, Keeping Up Appearances
27. Adrienne Scott Adrienne Scott Actress, It Could Be You
28. Geoffrey Barkas Geoffrey Barkas Director, Prospectin' Around
29. B.C. Fancey B.C. Fancey Producer, Rock You Sinners
30. Norman Kay Norman Kay Composer, Doctor Who
31. C.M.S. McLellan C.M.S. McLellan Writer, The Belle of New York
32. Louise Whittock Louise Whittock Actress, The Mikado
33. Conway Chiles Conway Chiles Actor, A Yank at Eton
34. Fred Darrington Fred Darrington Self, No 73
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