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1. Graham Crowden Graham Crowden Actor, Waiting for God The imposing Scottish character actor Graham Crowden was one of the most recognizable and reliable British screen actors who worked for over half a century. He was the third of four children of a Scottish Presbyterian classics teacher. His first job was in a tannery in Edinburgh. He joined the Royal Scots Youth Battalion in 1940...
2. Alex McCrindle Alex McCrindle Actor, Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
3. Robert Urquhart Robert Urquhart Actor, The Curse of Frankenstein The character actor Robert Urquhart was born in 1921 in Ullapool, Scotland. His stage debut came in 1947 and his film debut 5 years later. He worked steadily until the late 1980s in both film and television, usually playing the stalwart, dependable type. He became particularly well known on television as a regular in a number of British series...
4. Kevin McGee Kevin McGee Miscellaneous Crew, Jump Britain
5. Russell Hunter Russell Hunter Actor, Callan
6. Clarissa Dickson Wright Clarissa Dickson Wright Self, Clarissa & the King's Cookbook Clarissa Dickson Wright was an English celebrity chef, television personality, businesswoman and a former barrister. She was best known as one half, along with Jennifer Paterson, of the incredibly popular television series, Two Fat Ladies. Having trained as a lawyer, Dickson Wright was the youngest woman ever to be called to the Bar...
7. John Malcolm John Malcolm Actor, Enemy at the Door
8. Anne Kristen Anne Kristen Actress, Casualty
9. Tam White Tam White Actor, Braveheart
10. James Cairncross James Cairncross Actor, Tom Jones
11. Chic Murray Chic Murray Actor, Saigon -Year of the Cat-
12. Compton MacKenzie Compton MacKenzie Writer, Monarch of the Glen
13. Andrew Dallmeyer Andrew Dallmeyer Actor, Stonehearst Asylum Andrew is a Scottish playwright credited with over 75 plays, a theatre director of more than 50 productions, and an actor. He has performed in every theatre in Scotland except Pitlochry. His notable works include "Opium Eaters", "Hello Dali" and "Shadow On The Earth" (BBC). Another notable production...
14. Geoffrey Wilkinson Geoffrey Wilkinson Actor, Brideshead Revisited
15. Alex Howden Alex Howden Actor, Gangs of New York
16. Ken Grieve Ken Grieve Director, The Bill
17. John McGrath John McGrath Writer, The Bofors Gun
18. Michael Elder Michael Elder Writer, Take the High Road
19. Thomas De Quincey Thomas De Quincey Writer, Confessions of an Opium Eater
20. Hector Nicol Hector Nicol Actor, A Sense of Freedom Hector Nichol was a Paisley comedian, actor and singer. He recorded football songs for Heart of Midlothian, Hibernian, Dundee United and Dundee, but his other lasting legacy, as well as a spate of video releases of his stand up routines, is in a very different vein. In 1979 he took on the role of a dying gangster in the shocking Peter McDougall drama Just a Boy's Game for the BBC...
21. Victor Carin Victor Carin Actor, Sutherland's Law
22. Roderick Graham Roderick Graham Producer, Z Cars
23. Stephen Archibald Stephen Archibald Actor, My Childhood
24. Frank Deasy Frank Deasy Writer, Prozac Nation
25. Ricky Callan Ricky Callan Actor, I Saw You
26. Tam Paton Tam Paton Self, Who Got the Bay City Rollers' Millions?
27. Tom Fleming Tom Fleming Actor, Mary, Queen of Scots
28. James Bridie James Bridie Writer, The Paradine Case
29. John Erickson John Erickson Miscellaneous Crew, War of the Century
30. Diana Olsson Diana Olsson Actress, Take the High Road
31. David McNiven David McNiven Composer, Rab C. Nesbitt David McNiven was a musician and composer whose work featured in theatre, on radio and on television - he provided the music for Rab C Nesbitt amongst other shows - as well as winning his group Bread Love and Dreams cult status among aficionados of progressive rock and acid folk music. The group's three albums...
32. Margo MacDonald Margo MacDonald Self, Decision 79
33. Mairhi Russell Mairhi Russell Actress, The Lass Wi' the Muckle Mou
34. Eric Griffiths Eric Griffiths
35. Maidie Dickson Maidie Dickson Self, Highland Fling
36. Alex Young Alex Young Self, FA Cup Final 1966: Everton 3-2 Sheffield Wednesday
37. Angus Calder Angus Calder Writer, The World at War
38. Calum Mill Calum Mill Actor, The Revenue Men
39. Don Revie Don Revie Self, Soccer's Hard Men
40. Hughie Restorick Hughie Restorick Actor, My Childhood
41. Bryden Murdoch Bryden Murdoch Actor, Tomorrow May Be Fine
42. Laurie Knight Laurie Knight Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, The Red Shoes Lawrie decided to get into films while floating in a life raft in World War II. there was a newspaper in the raft with an article about the man who discovered the star Leslie Howard. When demobbed, lawrie presented himself to this man, looking for work. The man was unemployed himself and couldn't help...
43. Donald Dewar Donald Dewar Self, Question Time
44. Joseph Hislop Joseph Hislop Actor, The Loves of Robert Burns
45. David Fiddimore David Fiddimore Self, Richard & Judy
46. John Gray John Gray Director, West Highland
47. Hans Oppenheimer Hans Oppenheimer Producer, Stop Train 349
48. Jamie Stuart Morrison Jamie Stuart Morrison Actor, Skeletons
49. Ron Brown Ron Brown Self, After They Were Famous
50. Louise Cochrane Louise Cochrane Writer, Rag Tag and Bobtail
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