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1. David Kelly David Kelly Actor, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Born Dublin, Ireland on July 11 1929. Educated at Synge Street Catholic boys school. Started acting aged 8 in the Gaiety theatre Dublin. Playing everything from Beckett to Shakespeare, he has appeared in Theatre, TV and film constantly since 1959. Awards include, Helen Hayes for "Moon for the Misbegotten...
2. Barry Fitzgerald Barry Fitzgerald Actor, The Quiet Man One of Hollywood's finest character actors and most accomplished scene stealers, Barry Fitzgerald was born William Joseph Shields in 1888 in Dublin, Ireland. Educated to enter the banking business, the diminutive Irishman with the irresistible brogue was bitten by the acting bug in the 1920s and joined Dublin's world-famous Abbey Players...
3. Sean Lawlor Sean Lawlor Actor, Braveheart
4. Donal McCann Donal McCann Actor, The Dead
5. Kevin McClory Kevin McClory Producer, Thunderball
6. O.Z. Whitehead O.Z. Whitehead Actor, The Grapes of Wrath American character actor of rather bizarre range, a member of the so-called "John Ford Stock Company." Originally a New York stage actor of some repute, Whitehead entered films in the 1930s. He played a wide variety of character parts, often quite different from his own actual age and type. He is probably most familiar as Al Joad in 'John Ford (I)''s The Grapes of Wrath...
7. Eddie Byrne Eddie Byrne Actor, Star Wars
8. Liam Redmond Liam Redmond Actor, Barry Lyndon Born in Limerick on July 27, 1913, versatile Irish actor Liam Redmond was one of four children (the others were Thomas, Mary and Eileen), born to Thomas, a master carpenter who also taught woodworking, and Eileen Redmond, a homemaker. He received his early education at the Christian Brothers junior and secondary schools in Dublin...
9. Denis O'Dea Denis O'Dea Actor, The Fallen Idol
10. Michael O'Herlihy Michael O'Herlihy Director, Tomorrow Is Yesterday Brother of Oscar nominated actor Dan O'Herlihy, Michael O'Herlihy was a major TV director in the US from the 1950s to the 1980s. His credits include Star Trek, Maverick, Gunsmoke, M*A*S*H, Hawaii Five-O, The A-Team and Miami Vice to name but a few. He worked for Disney in the late 1960s and his feature film debut was for them in 1966 with The Fighting Prince of Donegal...
11. Maureen Cusack Maureen Cusack Actress, Odd Man Out
12. Jimmy T. Murakami Jimmy T. Murakami Director, The Snowman
13. Noel Purcell Noel Purcell Actor, Moby Dick
14. Siobhan McKenna Siobhan McKenna Actress, Doctor Zhivago
15. Mick Lally Mick Lally Actor, The Secret of Kells
16. Birdy Sweeney Birdy Sweeney Actor, The Crying Game Birdy Sweeney began acting when he was in his 50s having spent much of his earlier life as a comic and bird impersonator. He won his distinctive nickname while still a schoolboy making his debut mimicking blackbirds as an 11-year-old on BBC Radio Ulster. Sweeney had a heart attack when he was only 40 and suffered from diabetes throughout his life...
17. Godfrey Quigley Godfrey Quigley Actor, A Clockwork Orange
18. Tom Murphy Tom Murphy Actor, Adam & Paul
19. Patrick O'Brian Patrick O'Brian Writer, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
20. Jimmy O'Dea Jimmy O'Dea Actor, Darby O'Gill and the Little People
21. Brian McGrath Brian McGrath Actor, P.S. I Love You
22. Sheridan Le Fanu Sheridan Le Fanu Writer, Vampyr
23. John McGuire John McGuire Actor, Stranger on the Third Floor
24. Kathleen Ryan Kathleen Ryan Actress, The Sound of Fury
25. Maeve Binchy Maeve Binchy Writer, Circle of Friends
26. Micheál MacLiammóir Micheál MacLiammóir Actor, Othello Micheal MacLimmoir was a theatrical giant who dominated Irish theatre for over 50 years. Actor, designer, playwright and brilliant raconteur he was very much his own creation. He cut an imposing figure under the spotlight and in real life dressed flamboyantly wearing full make-up at all times and a jet black hairpiece...
27. Marie Kean Marie Kean Actress, Barry Lyndon Educated at Loreto College, North Great George's Street, Dublin. Joined Gaiety School of Acting in 1947, began acting professionally with the Radio Éireann Players in 1948, later joining the Abbey Theatre company. She soon became recognised as a character actress of exceptional force and talent. Received Jacob's Television Award in 1964 for her performance as Winnie in Beckett's Happy Days...
28. Eileen Crowe Eileen Crowe Actress, The Quiet Man
29. Jonathan Swift Jonathan Swift Writer, Gulliver's Travels Anglo-Irish author of the celebrated novel "Gulliver's Travels" (1726). He has been called the foremost prose satirist in the English language.
30. Johnny Ferguson Johnny Ferguson Writer, Gangster No. 1
31. Maisie MacFarquhar Maisie MacFarquhar Actress, Macbeth
32. Joan O'Hara Joan O'Hara Actress, Far and Away
33. Arthur O'Sullivan Arthur O'Sullivan Actor, Barry Lyndon
34. Oliver Maguire Oliver Maguire Actor, Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
35. Frankie Sheridan Frankie Sheridan Thanks, In America
36. Alan Barry Alan Barry Actor, In the Name of the Father
37. Hilton Edwards Hilton Edwards Actor, Othello
38. Seamus Kelly Seamus Kelly Actor, Moby Dick
39. May Craig May Craig Actress, The Quiet Man
40. Maureen Toal Maureen Toal Actress, Ulysses
41. John McCormack John McCormack Soundtrack, War Horse
42. Alan Devlin Alan Devlin Actor, Leap Year
43. Joseph O'Dea Joseph O'Dea Actor, The Quiet Man
44. Emmet Dalton Emmet Dalton Producer, Home Is the Hero
45. Brendan Behan Brendan Behan Writer, Borstal Boy
46. Philip Green Philip Green Music Department, Victim
47. Celine Cawley Celine Cawley Producer, Two Fat Ladies
48. Michael Dolan Michael Dolan Actor, A Christmas Carol
49. Lord Dunsany Lord Dunsany Writer, Dean Spanley
50. F.J. McCormick F.J. McCormick Actor, Odd Man Out After a brief civil service career in Dublin and London, during which he acted in amateur dramatic societies (as a civil servant, he couldn't perform in public under his own name, hence F.J. McCormick, a name he chose at random since he liked the sound of it), he became a member of the Abbey Theatre (now the National Theatre of Ireland) company in 1918...
1-50 of 171 names.