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1. Linda Lovelace Linda Lovelace Actress, Linda Lovelace for President Linda Lovelace, the most famous porn star of all time, was born Linda Boreman in 1949. In the late 1960s she began a relationship with Chuck Traynor and eventually married him. She appeared in eight 8mm hardcore fetish loops, including one in which she had sex with a dog. She is most well known for the hardcore porn feature Deep Throat...
2. Rose Siggins Rose Siggins Actress, American Horror Story
3. Brandon De Wilde Brandon De Wilde Actor, Shane Born into a theatrical family, he made a much-acclaimed Broadway debut at the age of nine in "The Member of the Wedding." He was the first child actor to win the Donaldson Award and went on to repeat his role in the film version directed by Fred Zinnemann in 1952. As the blonde, blue-eyed Joey who idolizes the strange gunman (Alan Ladd) in Shane...
4. Barbara Bates Barbara Bates Actress, All About Eve The lovely Barbara Bates, a demure but very troubled young spirit, began her career at age 19. Groomed in obscure starlet bits, it wasn't until Warner Bros. signed her up in 1947 and perpetuated an appealing girl-next-door image that things started happening for her. She was born Barbara Jane Bates...
5. Dane Witherspoon Dane Witherspoon Actor, Santa Barbara
6. Rudy Bond Rudy Bond Actor, The Godfather Rudolph Bond was raised in Philadelphia. He got his start at the Neighborhood Players. After World War II, he was invited by Elia Kazan to be a student at the famed "Actors Studio" in New York, working with such future stars as Paul Newman, James Dean, and Marlon Brando. His first big break was a role in the stage production of "A Streetcar Named Desire"...
7. Richard Jury Richard Jury Actor, A House for All Seasons
8. Burt Douglas Burt Douglas Actor, All My Children
9. George Hickenlooper George Hickenlooper Director, Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse George Hickenlooper graduated from Yale University in 1986. He was born on May 25, 1963 in St. Louis, Missouri and raised there, Boston, and San Francisco. His interest in film began in childhood and stemmed from his great-uncle's (Leopold Stokowski) involvement in the movie Fantasia. Hickenlooper's...
10. Richard Kelton Richard Kelton Actor, McQ Richard Duane Kelton was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, and was the only child of Fred and Glenna Kelton. While growing up in Miami, Oklahoma, he remembered watching James Dean and cites him as his main influence on becoming an actor. After studying drama at The University of Kansas, he made his way to California where he made his debut playing "Bud" in an episode of Gunsmoke...
11. Taylor Mead Taylor Mead Actor, Midnight Cowboy
12. Stephen Milburn Anderson Stephen Milburn Anderson Producer, South Central
13. Rod Colbin Rod Colbin Actor, Frances
14. William F. Cody William F. Cody Producer, The Adventures of Buffalo Bill
15. Joe Hyams Joe Hyams Writer, Brubaker
16. Robert Downing Robert Downing Actor, Victoria Regina Actor, critic (Denver Post) and production manager who began a long show-business career in the 1930s, touring with Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne in "The Seagull", "Idiot's Delight" and "Amphitryon 38", as well as working for the Federal Theater and Federal Writers projects. By 1940 he was assistant stage manager for "There Shall Be No Night" on Broadway...
17. Seeleg Lester Seeleg Lester Miscellaneous Crew, Perry Mason
18. Mary Chase Mary Chase Writer, Harvey
19. Cody Foster Cody Foster Actor, Grease Guns
20. Georgie Stone Georgie Stone Actor, Just Pals
21. Alan Berg Alan Berg Alan Berg was born in Chicago in January of 1934, the son of Dr. Joseph Berg and Ruth Berg. Alan had one older sister, Norma. At 17, he attended college at the University of Colorado in Denver. After two years, he transferred to the University of Denver. He graduated in 1957, and became one of the youngest people to pass the bar exam in the history of Illinois (at 22)...
22. Forest Burns Forest Burns Actor, The Invisible Monster
23. Sally Yarnell Sally Yarnell Actress, The Black Sleep
24. Linn Phillips III Linn Phillips III Actor, American Graffiti Born in 1947, Linn Phillips joined the band Flash Cadillac in 1969 as the guitarist. In Flash Cadillac, he was able to have roles in the films American Graffiti and _Apocolypse Now (1979)_. In 1993, after a show with Flash Cadillac, Linn Phillips had a masssive heart attack. Two days later, after unsuccesful surgery, he died.
25. Scott Carpenter Scott Carpenter Thanks, In Search of Liberty Bell 7
26. Gloria Brewster Gloria Brewster Actress, Ditto
27. Tommy Carlton Tommy Carlton Actor, Tarzan's Savage Fury
28. Garry Smith Garry Smith Self, Dog the Bounty Hunter
29. Jacquelyn Helton Jacquelyn Helton Writer, Sunshine
30. Ronald Alan Numkena Ronald Alan Numkena Actor, U.S. Marshal
31. Hal Taft Hal Taft Self, One on One
32. Andren Scott Andren Scott Actor, Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend
33. Vincent Youmans Vincent Youmans Soundtrack, Legend
34. Mildred Gregory Mildred Gregory Actress, According to Law
35. S. Barret McCormick S. Barret McCormick Writer, The Disciple
36. Russell Hunter Russell Hunter Writer, The Changeling
37. Bradford Hatton Bradford Hatton Actor, Rosie
38. William E. Barrett William E. Barrett Writer, Lilies of the Field
39. Ron Lyle Ron Lyle Self, Facing Ali
40. Herman Lutgerink Herman Lutgerink Actor, De sprakelozen
41. King Peter II of Yugoslavia King Peter II of Yugoslavia
42. William P. Burt William P. Burt Actor, Danger Lights
43. Byron White Byron White Actor, Advise & Consent
44. Thomas Braden Thomas Braden Writer, Eight Is Enough
45. Jule Eisenbud Jule Eisenbud Self, World of Strange Powers
46. Judah Folkman Judah Folkman Self, The Unforeseen
47. Libbie Block Libbie Block Writer, Caught Libbie Block authored over her career some two hundred and fifty short stories and two novels. A number of her short stories were later compiled and published under the title "No Man Tells Everything". Her two novels were, "This Town Needs a Doctor" and "Wild Calendar", the latter was made into the 1949 film "Caught"...
48. Tom Keating Tom Keating Self, AFL-NFL World Championship Game
49. Michael Krueger Michael Krueger Writer, The Amityville Curse
50. Antonia Brico Antonia Brico Self, Antonia: A Portrait of the Woman
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