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1. Jean Vander Pyl Jean Vander Pyl Actress, The Flintstones
2. Daryl Gates Daryl Gates Self, Post No Bills Founder of the SWAT team and Chief of the Los Angeles Police department for longer than any other Chief in the history of the Los Angeles Police department. Daryl Gates was born on August 30, 1926 in California. He is considered one of the most influential leaders in LAPD history and was famous for his strong stance against drugs...
3. Grace Bradley Grace Bradley Actress, The Invisible Killer A petite and extremely lovely blonde "B" film actress who eventually deserted her career in favor of standing by her man (cowboy icon William Boyd, aka, "Hopalong Cassidy"), Grace Bradley spent the rest of her life in his shadow and devoting herself to her husband's career. Bill's Hoppy was the longest span of any fictional character played by the same actor...
4. Fred Halsted Fred Halsted Producer, Truck It
5. Robert Weldon Robert Weldon Actor, Dead Men Tell
6. Jean Ransome Jean Ransome Actress, The Dream
7. Norman Wright Norman Wright Writer, Fantasia
8. Carmelo Manto Carmelo Manto Actor, The Tigers Are Coming Affair
9. Maja Stewart Maja Stewart Actress, Harum Scarum
10. Gigi Parrish Gigi Parrish Actress, Girl O' My Dreams
11. Harry Lawton Harry Lawton Writer, Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here Born on December 11, 1927, Harry Lawton grew up in Long Beach, California where he developed a passion for reading and writing during childhood. After high school, Lawton enrolled at University of California in Berkeley to study Journalism. There, he also wrote for its newspapers and magazines. Always a visionary...
12. George Aldwin George Aldwin Actor, Reunion in France
13. Lou Levy Lou Levy Music Department, Va Savoir (Who Knows?)
14. Gayle Pace Gayle Pace Actor, The Twonky
15. Terry Kyne Terry Kyne Director, The Gong Show
16. Audrey Westphal Audrey Westphal Actress, The Blue Dahlia
17. Arthur Lewis Arthur Lewis Producer, The Killer Elite
18. Maynard Laswell Maynard Laswell Writer, Maids-a-Courting
19. Ragnar Qvale Ragnar Qvale Actor, Four Sons Ragnar Qvale immigrated to the US at the age of 13. While studying architecture at the University of Washington he joined the ski team. He taught skiing to Darryl F. Zanuck in 1939. Zanuck gave him a screen test and signed him as a $75 a week contract player. His acting career was cut short by WWII service...
20. Peggy Phillips Peggy Phillips Writer, The Crimson Canary
21. David Conn David Conn Self, Brothers in Arms
22. Dave Dalby Dave Dalby Self, Super Bowl XVIII
23. May Wale Brown May Wale Brown Miscellaneous Crew, Chinatown
24. Sid Manor Sid Manor Sound Department, Affair in Reno
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