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1. Harry S. Morgan Harry S. Morgan Director, Gina Wild - Jetzt wird es schmutzig 4 - Durchgefickt
2. Sybille Binder Sybille Binder Actress, Blanche Fury
3. Gennadi Vengerov Gennadi Vengerov Actor, Enemy at the Gates Gennadi Vengerov was born on August 27, 1959 in Vitebsk (Belarus). After graduating from the Technical School for Architecture and Construction and a short-term employment as a construction engineer, he started his creative career as an announcer of the Vitebsk Regional Radio. He performed at the People's Theater in Vitebsk...
4. Richard Oswald Richard Oswald Director, Anders als die Andern Director and producer of many German as well as a few American, British and French films, Richard Oswald started making films in 1914 and shortly formed his own production company. After making many successful films and discovering several important performers, he fled his homeland after the Nazi takeover and eventually settled in the US...
5. Ljiljana Petrovic Ljiljana Petrovic Actress, Lutalica
6. Michael Pfleghar Michael Pfleghar Director, Showgeschichten
7. Klaus Kaluscha Klaus Kaluscha Actor, Die Maus
8. Gerda Maurus Gerda Maurus Actress, Spies Gertrud Pfiel was born in present day Croatia, the daughter of an engineer and inventor. A strikingly beautiful blonde with high cheekbones and expressive blue eyes, she grew up in Vienna where she was trained as a singer and dancer, embarking on a theatrical career by the age of fifteen. Until 1944...
9. Norbert Berger Norbert Berger Self, Tour d'Eurovision
10. Inga Abel Inga Abel Actress, Lindenstraße
11. Jürgen Ohlsen Jürgen Ohlsen Actor, Our Flags Lead Us Forward
12. Paul Albert Krumm Paul Albert Krumm Actor, Jonathan
13. Herbert Bötticher Herbert Bötticher Actor, Lina Braake
14. Günther Lüders Günther Lüders Actor, Das Wirtshaus im Spessart
15. Hans Müller-Westernhagen Hans Müller-Westernhagen Actor, Das Dorf in der Heide
16. Ellen Richter Ellen Richter Actress, Der Flug um den Erdball, 1. Teil - Paris bis Ceylon
17. Helmut Peine Helmut Peine Actor, Der Raub der Sabinerinnen
18. Joseph Beuys Joseph Beuys Writer, Zeige deine Wunde - Aufbau des Environments
19. Hans Müller-Schlösser Hans Müller-Schlösser Writer, Das Sonntagskind
20. Emmi Bonhoeffer Emmi Bonhoeffer Self, The World at War
21. Gisela Mattishent Gisela Mattishent Actress, Spiel
22. Otto Reutter Otto Reutter Actor, Frühere Verhältnisse
23. Hans Jürgen Nierentz Hans Jürgen Nierentz Writer, Fährmann Maria
24. Günter Vogelsang Günter Vogelsang Self, Der Krupp-Komplex
25. Rudolf Therkatz Rudolf Therkatz Actor, Paris, 20. Juli
26. Walter Hoor Walter Hoor Actor, Ödipussi
27. Frigga Braut Frigga Braut Actress, Liebeslied
28. Peter Esser Peter Esser Actor, The Plot to Assassinate Hitler
29. Erich Kordt Erich Kordt Self, Munich ou la paix pour cent ans
30. Charles Wilp Charles Wilp Actor, Monks - The Transatlantic Feedback
31. Manfred Vosz Manfred Vosz Director, Goethe in D.
32. Alexander Stenbock-Fermor Alexander Stenbock-Fermor Writer, First Spaceship on Venus
33. Erwin Hartung Erwin Hartung Actor, Tante Gusti kommandiert
34. Herbert Eimert Herbert Eimert Composer, Säkeitä Holapan runoista
35. Walther Funk Walther Funk
36. Mircea Crisan Mircea Crisan Actor, As It Is in Heaven Extremely popular in his birth country Romania, during '50 & '60, in the stand-up shows at the review theater and comedy TV shows, moved in '70 to Germany, where he enjoy a relatively success in TV movies. His critical anticommunist and anti-Ceausescu sketches, produced in front of Rumanian speaking audience in Israel, USA and Germany brought him applause.
37. Lore Lorentz Lore Lorentz Actress, Dracula
38. Rudolf Braune Rudolf Braune Writer, Das Mädchen an der Orga Privat
39. Dom de Beern Dom de Beern Actor, Schonzeit für Füchse
40. Winrich Behr Winrich Behr Self, Hitler's Generals
41. Otto Dietrich Otto Dietrich Self, Triumph of the Will
42. Adolf Dell Adolf Dell Actor, Sündige Grenze
43. Herbert Eulenberg Herbert Eulenberg Writer, The Dream of the Rhine
44. Karl-Heinz Stroux Karl-Heinz Stroux Director, Der große Mandarin
45. Charly Weiss Charly Weiss Composer, Mutters Maske
46. Gerhard Kauffmann Gerhard Kauffmann Actor, Kennwort Kettenhund
47. Pedro Sinzig Pedro Sinzig Composer, Caraça, Porta do Céu
48. Miriam Frances Miriam Frances Soundtrack, Richtung Zukunft durch die Nacht
49. Rolf Spinrads Rolf Spinrads Producer, Ein neues Programm von und mit Otto Waalkes
50. Jochen Hülder Jochen Hülder Self, Nichts als die Wahrheit - 30 Jahre Die Toten Hosen
1-50 of 74 names.