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1. Paul Stassino Paul Stassino Actor, Thunderball Phaedros Stassinos is a Greek-Cypriot actor whose international stage name is Paul Stassino. He was born in Cyprus but at age 17 left for the U.K. to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Spent most of his acting career in Britain. He appeared in British TV dramas such as Danger Man and The Saint...
2. Clifford Mollison Clifford Mollison Actor, A Christmas Carol
3. Monica Vasileiou Monica Vasileiou Actress, The Palace Monica Vassiliou was born in Greece, on the island of Mytilene (Lesvos). She studied drama at the Ostrovski Institute in the former Soviet Union and later specialized in children's theatre at the Centre d'education populaire in Paris, France. Her stage career includes performances in Moscow, London...
4. Christiaan Bernard Christiaan Bernard Self, Romeo und Julia 70
5. Nicolas Economou Nicolas Economou Composer, Marianne & Juliane Nicolas Economou was born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1953. At the age of five, he started taking piano lessons and very soon he revealed his extraordinary talent by improvising on the piano and composing short pieces of music. In 1964, after an audition, he was accepted at the Special School of Music of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow...
6. Tom Aspell Tom Aspell Self, Meet the Press
7. Bobbie Bradshaw Bobbie Bradshaw Actress, Scrags
8. Alda Noni Alda Noni Actress, Don Pasquale
9. Tassos Papadopoulos Tassos Papadopoulos Self, BBC World News
10. Glafkos Klerides Glafkos Klerides Self, Attilas '74
11. Rauf Denktas Rauf Denktas Self, Kypros '72
12. Maryon Lane Maryon Lane Self, The Show Parade
13. Andreas Mavromatis Andreas Mavromatis Actor, To tama
14. Roy Findlay Roy Findlay Actor, Gaol Break
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