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1. Eugene Jackson Eugene Jackson Actor, The Addams Family Eugene Jackson gained fame as Farina's older brother, Pineapple, in six of Hal Roach's "Our Gang" serials - "The Mysterious Mystery", "The Big Town", "Circus Fever", "Dog Days", "The Love Bug" and "Shootin Injuns". Besides films he sang and danced on the vaudeville circuit - billed as "Hollywood's most famous colored kid star"...
2. Katherine De Hetre Katherine De Hetre Actress, Being There
3. Hannah Dean Hannah Dean Actress, The World's Greatest Lover
4. Philip Hurlic Philip Hurlic Actor, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
5. Jane Kerr Jane Kerr Actress, Les Misérables
6. Earlene Brown Earlene Brown Self, You Bet Your Life
7. Deborah Peagler Deborah Peagler Thanks, Crime After Crime
7 names.