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1. Mireille Balin Mireille Balin Actress, The Siege of the Alcazar Mireille Balin was one the most glamorous and best loved actresses of pre-war French cinema. She appeared in two of the best remembered French films of the 1930s: Pépé le Moko and Lady Killer, both opposite Jean Gabin. After the German occupation of France and her separation from her long-time fiancé...
2. Mona Goya Mona Goya Actress, Rayon de soleil
3. Maurice Schutz Maurice Schutz Actor, The Passion of Joan of Arc
4. Andrée Pascal Andrée Pascal Actress, Un vol étrange
5. Pierre Kast Pierre Kast Writer, Portuguese Vacation
6. Laure Paillette Laure Paillette Actress, Playtime
7. Pierre Magnier Pierre Magnier Actor, The Rules of the Game
8. Pierre Danny Pierre Danny Actor, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
9. Jane Faber Jane Faber Actress, Fantomas
10. Meg Lemonnier Meg Lemonnier Actress, He Is Charming
11. Lucien Nat Lucien Nat Actor, This Special Friendship
12. Geneviève Morel Geneviève Morel Actress, Angels of Sin
13. Jules Moy Jules Moy Actor, Le dernier preux
14. Simone Duhart Simone Duhart Actress, The Game of Love
15. Claude Joseph Claude Joseph Actor, Fantastic Planet
16. Germaine Michel Germaine Michel Actress, Marions-nous
17. Pierre Sarda Pierre Sarda Actor, Itto
18. Roger Puylagarde Roger Puylagarde Actor, Catalan, the Minstrel
19. Gaston Séverin Gaston Séverin Actor, Diary of a Country Priest
20. Henri Lepage Henri Lepage Director, À la manière de Sherlock Holmes
21. Jacques Derives Jacques Derives Actor, La Poison
21 names.