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1. Harvey Pekar Harvey Pekar Actor, American Splendor
2. Stuart Buchanan Stuart Buchanan Actor, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
3. Gerald Levert Gerald Levert Soundtrack, Coming to America
4. Mickey Deans Mickey Deans Self, The Last Performance
5. Thomas Cullinan Thomas Cullinan Writer, The Beguiled
6. Charles Brown Charles Brown Actor, All My Children
7. William E. Greene William E. Greene Actor, The Monsters
8. Violet Adamson Violet Adamson Actress, POV Jugg Fuckers Tiny (5'2"), but busty and shapely brunette Violet Adamson was born Farrah Dawn White on July 1, 1975 in Cleveland, Ohio. Adamson did her first hardcore shoot at age 32 for the adult website Big Naturals in April, 2008. Often cast in MILF/cougar roles, Violet appeared in X-rated features for such notable companies as Digital Sin...
9. George Voinovich George Voinovich Self, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt
10. David J. Stewart David J. Stewart Actor, Murder, Inc.
11. Sean Levert Sean Levert Self, The 15th Annual American Music Awards
12. Cecillia Stark Cecillia Stark Actress, Stranger Than Paradise
13. Balto Balto Actor, Smith's Catalina Rowboat Race Siberian Husky who rose to fame as the lead sled dog in Gunnar Kaasen's team that arrived in Nome, Alaska, in early February of 1925, delivering vials of serum to the city, then stricken with a diphtheria epidemic. The call went out for the serum in January 1925 from Nome, where children were dying of diphtheria, and at the time, the only way to deliver the serum was by dog sled...
14. Kathryn Boyd Kathryn Boyd Actress, The Flying Ace
15. Imogene Bliss Imogene Bliss Actress, The King of Marvin Gardens
16. Philip Bartlett Philip Bartlett Actor, Brubaker Philip Bartlett grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, and began his acting career while he was still in high school at various community playhouses in the area. At age 20, when he heard the movie, Brubaker, was being filmed in a small Ohio town, he camped out in the hotel lobby where the film people were staying and talked the producers into a part as an extra...
17. Big Maybelle Big Maybelle Soundtrack, Fallout 4
18. Madlaine Traverse Madlaine Traverse Actress, The Poor Little Rich Girl Madlaine Traverse was born in Cleveland, Ohio with the birth name of Madlaine Businsky. SHe was a silent film actress who began her career in 1913 with the production of LEAH KLESCHNA. She would be in an average of one film per year for the next six years. However, in 1919, Madlaine appeared in seven feature productions...
19. Victoria Karnafel Victoria Karnafel Actress, The Deer Hunter
20. Robert Lockwood Jr. Robert Lockwood Jr. Soundtrack, The Arrival
21. Mary Tarcai Mary Tarcai Actress, The Argyle Secrets Mary Tarcai began as an actress at the Neighborhood Playhouse in NYC and later taught there. Her back-round was in the Stanislavski method and in New York at the beginning of her career she worked with Boleslavsky and Ouspenskya. After leaving the Neighborhood Playhouse she went to Atlantic City, where she started her own theater and produced her own shows...
22. Charles W. Chesnutt Charles W. Chesnutt Writer, Veiled Aristocrats
23. Anthony Santa Croce Anthony Santa Croce Producer, Monk
24. Royal Douglas Royal Douglas Actor, The Fable of the Two Unfettered Birds
25. Lawson J. Deming Lawson J. Deming Actor, Sir Graves Ghastly Presents
26. Shondor Birns Shondor Birns
27. Bill Randle Bill Randle Producer, The Pied Piper of Cleveland: A Day in the Life of a Famous Disc Jockey
28. Al Wilson Al Wilson Actor, Flyin' Thru
29. Andrew Bishop Andrew Bishop Actor, A Son of Satan
30. Bob Feller Bob Feller Self, Signs of the Time
31. Carman Newsome Carman Newsome Actor, Lying Lips
32. Margery Maude Margery Maude Actress, Williamsburg: The Story of a Patriot
33. Inez Wallace Inez Wallace Writer, I Walked with a Zombie
34. Peter Drain Peter Drain Actor, Echo Park
35. Paul S. Orgill Paul S. Orgill Actor, One Potato, Two Potato
36. George Lehrer George Lehrer Actor, Honky Tonk George Lehrer (stage name Norman Lane) was born and raised in Sandusky, Ohio. It was there that he met and married Catherine Rickenbaugh, the mother of his four children (3 sons, 1 daughter). His grandfather, George Lehrer, was the first in the family to emmigrate from Germany, and became the first minister at Sandusky's oldest Lutheran Church...
37. Roman Wlaszyn Roman Wlaszyn Transportation Department, American Splendor Roman Wlaszyn was a Ukrainian-American (on both sides of his family) whom grew up in Lorain, Ohio, which is home to a moderate-sized, but very closely-knitted group of 1st, 2nd, and now slightly-aging 3rd generation of Ukrainian-Americans. He graduated from Southview High School, located on the south side of Lorain...
38. Providence Hollander Providence Hollander Actress, Those Lips, Those Eyes
39. Steve Gromek Steve Gromek Actor, The Kid from Cleveland
40. William E. Wagner William E. Wagner Actor, Ozone
41. Paul Lee Paul Lee Writer, ITV Play of the Week
42. Heydar Aliyev Heydar Aliyev Actor, Baku 2015 European Games Opening Ceremony
43. Newton Baker Newton Baker Self, The Girl Who Stayed at Home
44. Bull Moose Jackson Bull Moose Jackson Soundtrack, Cry-Baby Blues/R&B singer and saxophonist Bull Moose Jackson was born Benjamin Jackson in Cleveland, OH, in 1919. Taking an interest in music at an early age, he formed a band called The Harlem Hotshots in the 1930s while he was still in high school. In 1943 he joined Lucky Millinder and His Band as a singer, replacing Wynonie Harris...
45. David Rini David Rini Actor, California Suite
46. Anthony Walsh Anthony Walsh Actor, Citizen Cohn
47. Willie Moore Willie Moore Actor, Come Back, Charleston Blue
48. Al Milnar Al Milnar Self, 100 Years of the World Series
49. K. Elmo Lowe K. Elmo Lowe Actor, These Thirty Years
50. George Szell George Szell Soundtrack, Le mirage
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