11 names.

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1. David Webb David Webb Actor, The Conqueror Worm David Webb was born in Luton, Bedfordshire in 1931. His father was the son of a local baker for whom he worked until developing baker's asthma, after which he worked for a local brewery and then, until retirement, for the Vauxhall Motors Car Company. David's mother was the daughter of a local tailor and later hat manufacturer...
2. Quinton McPherson Quinton McPherson Actor, The Ghost Goes West
3. Jonathan Battersby Jonathan Battersby Actor, Silent Scream
4. Monti DeLyle Monti DeLyle Actor, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
5. Marie Kendall Marie Kendall Self, Music-Hall Cavalcade: Stars of Yesterday and Today
6. John Sheppard John Sheppard Director, The Doors: The Doors Are Open
7. Ursula Hirst Ursula Hirst Actress, It's in the Bag
8. Tom Mowbray Tom Mowbray Actor, The Brass Bottle
9. H.J. Byron H.J. Byron Writer, Uncle Dick's Darling
10. Teddy Royce Teddy Royce Actor, Tansy
11. Herbert Darnley Herbert Darnley Actor, Napoleon and the English Sailor
11 names.