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1. Dee Pollock Dee Pollock Actor, Kelly's Heroes
2. Jack Bohrer Jack Bohrer Production Manager, The Terror
3. Gwen Crawford Gwen Crawford Actress, Here Come the Waves
4. Lillian Hayward Lillian Hayward Actress, A Pair of Boots
5. Thomas Rea Thomas Rea Cinematographer, Lasca Thomas Henry Rea was born May 2, 1898, To John Thomas Rea and Nellie Thurman Rea in Nebraska. He owned and operated the Elm Motel in Chico at the time of his death on April 2, 1957. When he was 16 year old he moved to Los Angeles from Nebraska. Two year later he started working for the Hal Roach, Fox Studios and Universal Studios as a trick-photographer...
6. Brad Moniz Brad Moniz Actor, Sudden Death
7. Richard Headrick Richard Headrick Actor, The Toll Gate
8. Michael Davis Michael Davis Soundtrack, Almost Famous
9. Bill Toliver Bill Toliver Actor, Lord Help Us
10. Harold Lang Harold Lang Self, A.N.T.A. Album of 1955
11. Lois Green Cohen Lois Green Cohen Art Department, Around the World in 80 Days
12. Monica Lane Monica Lane Self, Varietease
13. Mickey McMasters Mickey McMasters Actor, Nothing Sacred Mickey McMasters was a standout wrestler at Whittier High School in Whittier, California; he turned professional and worked the wrestling rings, auditoriums and gymnasiums for several years. By the 1930s, despite working as an embalmer in a Long Beach mortuary, he moonlighted as a wrestling referee; was sometimes engaged as a physical trainer...
14. Stanley J. Keyawa Stanley J. Keyawa Composer, The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin
15. Jack M. Bohrer Jack M. Bohrer Production Manager, Last Resort
16. Richard Wendley Richard Wendley Writer, The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse
16 names.