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1. Manute Bol Manute Bol Self, Celebrity Boxing 2
2. Miriam Cooper Miriam Cooper Actress, The Birth of a Nation Miriam Cooper was born to Julian Cooper and Margaret Stewart in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1891. The family was Roman Catholic, and the Coopers were fairly well-to-do. After the birth of five children in five years (one of whom died in infancy), Julian Cooper deserted his family and fled to Europe. Margaret Cooper raised Miriam and her siblings Nelson...
3. Edward Pawley Edward Pawley Actor, Angels with Dirty Faces Edward Joel Pawley was a native of Kansas City, Missouri, and attended Manuel Training High School. He took drama classes in high school, and after graduation he worked for six months in his half-brother's traveling stage show (under canvas). He went to New York in 1920 to seek his fame and fortune...
4. Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson Writer, Rome: Power & Glory
5. Dee Dee Belson Dee Dee Belson Soundtrack, The Boyfriend School
6. Mark Cowen Mark Cowen Producer, Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D
7. Anna Anderson Anna Anderson Self, In Search of... Anna Anderson was born Franziska Schanzkowska in 1899 in Poland. When she was young she became a munitions worker until an explosion in the factory that she worked in. In 1920, shortly after the explosion, she tried to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge in Berlin. She was institutionalized, but because she would not tell them her name they called her Miss Unknown...
8. Emily Couric Emily Couric
9. Mark Lane Mark Lane Writer, Rush to Judgment
10. Laurence Hugo Laurence Hugo Actor, All My Children
11. Morgan Harrington Morgan Harrington
12. George Garrett George Garrett Writer, Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster
13. Roger Barlow Roger Barlow Director, Even: As You and I
14. Naomi A. Hintze Naomi A. Hintze Writer, You'll Like My Mother
15. Lawrence Eagleburger Lawrence Eagleburger Self, Opération lune
16. Cornell MacNeil Cornell MacNeil Actor, La traviata
17. Wilbur Young Wilbur Young Self, The NFL on NBC
18. Pat Kelly Pat Kelly Self, 1989 AFC Championship Game
19. Jackie Jensen Jackie Jensen Self, Home Run Derby Right-fielder Jackie Jensen was a former New York Yankees and Washington Senators player who was traded to the Boston Red Sox after the 1953 season. In Boston, Jensen blossomed into a star player, winning the American League Most Valuable Player award in 1958. Despite reaching the summit of his career, Jensen retired after the 1959 season due to an intense fear of flying...
20. David Drucker David Drucker Actor, Wacko
21. Kathryn Coombs Kathryn Coombs Actress, Viva la Bam Kathryn Coombs specializes in historical re-creations for film and television and is founder / CEO of Heritage House Productions, a full-service firm providing production services for history-related productions. Services include casting of reenactor extras and look-alikes for historical figures, authenticity consulting, production design / props, locations and wardrobe...
22. John S. Battle John S. Battle Self, Highway 301
23. Jesse Winchester Jesse Winchester Soundtrack, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
24. Karl Hess Karl Hess Self, Karl Hess: Toward Liberty
25. Everard W. Meade Everard W. Meade Writer, Justice
26. Mary Lee Settle Mary Lee Settle Actress, The Pleasure Garden
27. Nancy Hale Nancy Hale Writer, Matinee Theatre
28. Earl Browning Earl Browning Self, Hôtel Terminus
29. Shannon Laramore Shannon Laramore Actress, Blue Sky
30. William Elwood William Elwood Director, The Road to Brown A native of Evanston, Ill., Elwood was a graduate of Northwestern University and received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. After joining the U.Va. faculty in 1964, he helped recruit black students and faculty. In 1969 President Edgar F. Shannon Jr. appointed him as a special assistant to oversee...
30 names.