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1. Jerry Nelson Jerry Nelson Actor, The Muppet Show Puppeteer, actor, musician, and master of voices, Jerry Nelson originally joined Henson & Company as a temporary replacement for Frank Oz, who had been drafted into the armed services in the 60's. He later re-joined the crew as a full-time performer in the 70's, and has since been heavily involved in almost every major Muppet project...
2. Eunice Kennedy Shriver Eunice Kennedy Shriver Self, Arnold Schwarzenegger: Hollywood Hero
3. Robert Motherwell Robert Motherwell Self, Painters Painting
4. Lucius D. Clay Lucius D. Clay Self, The Big Truth
5. Fred Cusick Fred Cusick Self, Hockey's Greatest Era: 1942-1967 Fred Cusick was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1918 to Irish immigrants. He grew up in the Boston neighborhood of Brighton. Cusick attended Northeastern University where he played hockey, football and baseball. In 1942 after graduation he joined the United States Navy serving for the duration of World War II...
5 names.