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1. Satyajit Ray Satyajit Ray Writer, Pather Panchali Satyajit Ray was born in Calcutta on May second, 1921. His father, Sukumar Ray was an eminent poet and writer in the history of Bengali literature. In 1940, after receiving his degree in science and economics from Calcutta University, he attended Tagore's Viswa-Bharati University. His first movie Pather Panchali won several International Awards and set Ray as a world-class director...
2. Uttam Kumar Uttam Kumar Actor, Nayak The legendary Bengali Actor of Calcutta. Acted in over 250 films. Got the Indian national award Padmashree for his contribution to Bengali films. He also directed and produced two films. "Banpalashir Padabali" in Bengali and "Chhoti si Mulaquat" in Hindi.
3. Ritwik Ghatak Ritwik Ghatak Director, Subarnarekha
4. Utpal Dutt Utpal Dutt Actor, Bhuvan Shome
5. Hemanta Mukherjee Hemanta Mukherjee Music Department, Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam
6. Soumitra Bannerjee Soumitra Bannerjee Actor, Troyee
7. Mother Teresa Mother Teresa Self, Don't Ask Me, Ask God
8. Rabindranath Tagore Rabindranath Tagore Music Department, Charulata
9. Chunibala Devi Chunibala Devi Actress, Pather Panchali
10. Saratchandra Chatterjee Saratchandra Chatterjee Writer, Devdas
11. Chhabi Biswas Chhabi Biswas Actor, Jalsaghar
12. Jamuna Jamuna Actress, Hindustan Hamara Jamuna was the fourth daughter of the six daughters of Puran Gupta, a resident of a village near Agra, India. Each of the sisters were named after Indian rivers like Ganga, Jamuna, Bhagirathi etc. As destiny would have it, Jamuna came to reside in Calcutta, a leading film producing city in India, in the thirties and played a small role in Mohabbat Ki Kasauti (1934)...
13. Subrata Mitra Subrata Mitra Cinematographer, Pather Panchali From 1997 until his death, Subrata Mitra taught cinematography at the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI) at Kolkata, India. Subrata Mitra won the National Award for his work in Ramesh Sharma's New Delhi Times in 1985, and the Eastman Kodak Lifetime Achievement for Excellence in Cinematography in the year 1992.
14. Robi Ghosh Robi Ghosh Actor, Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne
15. Anup Kumar Anup Kumar Actor, Palatak
16. Anil Chatterjee Anil Chatterjee Actor, Mahanagar
17. Bhanu Bannerjee Bhanu Bannerjee Actor, Personal Assistant
18. Samit Bhanja Samit Bhanja Actor, Aranyer Din Ratri
19. Dwijendralal Roy Dwijendralal Roy Writer, Mathru Bhoomi
20. P.C. Barua P.C. Barua Director, Mukti
21. Kamala Jharia Kamala Jharia Actress, Sunehra Sansar Kamala Jharia's real name was Kamala Singha. She lived in the palace of the Maharaja of Jharia (now in Dhanbad district, coal capital of India, Jharkhand state, India). Her parents probably worked in the palace in some capacity. The surname Singha is common in several Hindi speaking northern and north western states of India as also in Bengal but there is no doubt that she was a Bengalee by birth...
22. Hiren Bose Hiren Bose Director, Chup
23. Bikash Roy Bikash Roy Actor, Arogya Niketan He was one of the finest character actors in Bengali Film Industry. He was versatile and portrayed roles ranging from villain, comedian and main lead with élan. His most memorable roles were in movies like "Marutirtha Hinglaj", "Arogya Niketan", "Uttar Falguni", "Chele kaar", just to name a few. He was active in commercial theater in Bengali as well...
24. Pahadi Sanyal Pahadi Sanyal Actor, Jagte Raho
25. Chhaya Devi Chhaya Devi Actress, Apanjan
26. Sukhen Das Sukhen Das Actor, Pratishodh
27. Ajoy Kar Ajoy Kar Director, Saptapadi
28. Bimal Mitra Bimal Mitra Writer, Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam
29. Molina Devi Molina Devi Actress, Abhigyan
30. Angurbala Angurbala Actress, Indira Angurbala was born on the seventh day of Sravan in the Bengalee year 1313 which should be around July, 1896. According to some she was born in the village of Indas of Burdwan district of undivided Bengal while some others say that her place of birth was in the Cossipore area of Calcutta. There appears to be some confusion also regarding the name of her father who was an army officer...
31. Hiralal Sen Hiralal Sen Director, The Bengal Partition Film Hiralal Sen is known as the first film maker in the Indian sub-continent. He was born in Manikgonj near Dhaka, Bangladesh. He was the son of a famous lawyer and from a Zamindar family. He grew up in Kolkata. In 1898, a film troupe en route to Paris screened a certain Professor Stevenson's short film along with the stage show...
32. Kamal Mitra Kamal Mitra Actor, Sabyasachi
33. Santosh Dutta Santosh Dutta Actor, Heerak Rajar Deshe
34. Ashapurna Devi Ashapurna Devi Writer, Tapasya
35. Jahar Roy Jahar Roy Actor, Ghoom Bhangar Gaan
36. Narayan Gangopadhyay Narayan Gangopadhyay Writer, Kamallata
37. Shibram Chakraborty Shibram Chakraborty Writer, Bari Theke Paliye
38. Sadhona Bose Sadhona Bose Actress, The Court Dancer: Raj Narkati Granddaughter of Brahmakesari Keshab Chandra Sen, Sadhona was born in a prosperous Brahmo family and received education as was common with Brahmo girls of those days. Her father was Saral Chandra Sen and she was the second of his three daughters. Her elder sister Binita was married into a royal family of Chittagong (now Bangladesh)and settled to household life...
39. Timir Baran Timir Baran Composer, Baadbaan
40. Nihar Ranjan Gupta Nihar Ranjan Gupta Writer, Mamta
41. Manik Bandopadhaya Manik Bandopadhaya Writer, Padma Nadir Majhi
42. Debaki Bose Debaki Bose Director, Bidyapati
43. Sombhu Mitra Sombhu Mitra Director, Jagte Raho
44. Tripti Mitra Tripti Mitra Actress, Reason, Debate and a Story
45. Binota Roy Binota Roy Actress, Calcutta 71 Binota Basu was born in a Brahma family in 1925 on Kojagari Lakshmi Purnima Tithi and was therefore called Lakshmi. Her father Satya Sundar Basu was an advocate in Patna High court. Binota was one of his six daughters. Satya Sundar was a lawyer by profession but his music was his first love and after court hours his routine was to sing and play musical instruments like the Sitar...
46. Jyotirindra Moitra Jyotirindra Moitra Music Department, Charulata
47. Narendranath Mitra Narendranath Mitra Writer, Mahanagar
48. Hemendrakumar Roy Hemendrakumar Roy Writer, Jakher Dhan
49. Subodh Ghosh Subodh Ghosh Writer, Trijama
50. Jiben Bose Jiben Bose Actor, Bipasha
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