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1. Guy Williams Guy Williams Actor, Lost in Space An exceptionally handsome and charismatic performer with a sexy baritone voice, Guy Williams was born Armand Joseph Catalano (nicknamed "Armando" by his family) of Italian parentage in New York City on January 14, 1924. The elder child of an insurance broker (he had a younger sister, Valerie), he was raised in the Washington Heights area...
2. Maria Falconetti Maria Falconetti Actress, The Passion of Joan of Arc
3. Heather Robertson Heather Robertson Actress, White Chicks
4. Anthony Herrera Anthony Herrera Actor, Loving
5. Carlos Thompson Carlos Thompson Actor, Das Wirtshaus im Spessart
6. Hugo Fregonese Hugo Fregonese Director, Old Shatterhand
7. Eva Perón Eva Perón Actress, La pródiga María Eva Ibarguren was born in Los Toldos, Argentina, on May 7, 1919. The youngest of five born to Juana Ibarguren and her married employer, Eva was subject from a very young age to unjust discrimination simply because she was an illegitimate child. According to popular legend, she left Los Toldos at the age of 15 with the help of tango singer Agustín Magaldi...
8. Carlos Gorostiza Carlos Gorostiza Writer, El puente
9. Alberto Olmedo Alberto Olmedo Actor, El manosanta está cargado Alberto Olmedo was born in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, on August 24, 1933. He began to work from 6 years old (at a greengrocer's shop); he had a very hard childhood. Olmedo or "El negro" - this way his family and friends were saying to him, not have time to dream of being an actor. He had to study and help his single mother...
10. Astor Piazzolla Astor Piazzolla Composer, Twelve Monkeys
11. María Elina Ruas María Elina Ruas Actress, Don't Look Down
12. Juan Carlos Puppo Juan Carlos Puppo Actor, Facundo, the Tiger's Shadow
13. Christina Onassis Christina Onassis Self, Reporters
14. Lolita Torres Lolita Torres Actress, La edad del amor
15. Carlos Muñoz Carlos Muñoz Actor, All the Way Boys
16. Felipa Gómez Felipa Gómez Actress, Key Largo
17. Juan Pablo Laplace Juan Pablo Laplace Director, El esquema de Ponzi
18. Leopoldo Torre Nilsson Leopoldo Torre Nilsson Writer, La maffia After ten years as assistant director to his father 'Leopoldo Torre Rios' he co-directed two films with him. His first personal work was "Graciela (1956)", an adoption from the novel 'Nada' of 'Carmen Laforet' which was made out of reach of the censorship of 'General Perón'. Later on Torre Nilsson filmed a lot of productions based on stories of his wife Beatriz Guido; e.g...
19. Julio De Grazia Julio De Grazia Actor, Time for Revenge
20. María Luisa Bemberg María Luisa Bemberg Writer, I Don't Want to Talk About It
21. Armando Bo Armando Bo Actor, Fuego
22. Susana Campos Susana Campos Actress, Cautiva After more than ten years playing bits and co-starring roles in movies, she attained stardom in Mario Soffici's Rosaura a las 10. Next she went to Spain, where she played leading roles in many films. Back in Argentina in the mid-sixties, since then she gave able performances in movies, theatre and television...
23. Luis Sandrini Luis Sandrini Actor, La valija
24. Tita Merello Tita Merello Actress, Los isleros
25. Mario Soffici Mario Soffici Director, Rosaura a las 10
26. Zully Moreno Zully Moreno Actress, God Bless You Zulema Esther Gonzalez Borbon was born in Buenos Aires on October 17, 1920. She began working as a model when she was in her teens and, at the same time, she became an extra in cheap movies. She was given more important roles in a modest studio called EFA-Establecimientos Filmadores Argentinos, but then...
27. Mona Maris Mona Maris Actress, The Falcon in Mexico Sultry, sleepy-eyed Argentine brunette Mona Maris was born Rosa Emma Mona Maria Marta Capdevielle, of Spanish-French parentage. Her well-to-do background ensured a quality education with an emphasis on foreign languages. Mona mastered three of them, but, alas, English was not among them. This mattered little early on...
28. Carlos Nine Carlos Nine Writer, La marcha sobre Ezeiza
29. Jo Bouillon Jo Bouillon Actor, Cinderella
30. Patricia Aspíllaga Patricia Aspíllaga Actress, De todos modos Juan te llamas
31. Hugo Soto Hugo Soto Actor, Man Facing Southeast
32. María Vaner María Vaner Actress, La mujer sin cabeza
33. Oscar Nuñez Oscar Nuñez Actor, Nine Queens
34. Luis César Amadori Luis César Amadori Director, Acompáñame
35. Humberto Serrano Humberto Serrano Actor, Son of the Bride
36. Javier Portales Javier Portales Actor, El manosanta está cargado
37. Olga Zubarry Olga Zubarry Actress, Plaza de almas Olga Adela Zubarriain was born in Buenos Aires on October 30th 1929. She began her career in the old Lumiton studios in 1943 as a bit player in Safo (Carlos Hugo Christensen-1943). Her real chance when the studio prepared an adaptation of the novel Frau Elsie by Arthur Schnitzler which was called The Naked Angel...
38. Alicia Zanca Alicia Zanca Actress, El mismo amor, la misma lluvia
39. Karl Ritter Karl Ritter Producer, Patriots
40. Ricardo Bauleo Ricardo Bauleo Actor, The Curious Dr. Humpp
41. Gustavo Cerati Gustavo Cerati Soundtrack, Locas de amor Lead singer of Soda Stereo, band from Argentina. One of the most important South American rock bands that started in 1982 and said goodbye with a last concert in 1997. He began with a very successful solo career in 1992. An excellent song writer, composer and actor. He composed music for two movies...
42. Adolfo García Grau Adolfo García Grau Actor, Los vampiros los prefieren gorditos
43. Bertha Moss Bertha Moss Actress, The Exterminating Angel
44. Manuel Parada Manuel Parada Composer, Los últimos de Filipinas
45. Francisco Petrone Francisco Petrone Actor, Pampa bárbara
46. Hedwig Schlichter Hedwig Schlichter Actress, Mädchen in Uniform
47. Niní Marshall Niní Marshall Actress, Teatralerías
48. Lydia Lamaison Lydia Lamaison Actress, La caída
49. Romina Yan Romina Yan Writer, Amor mío
50. José Cibrián José Cibrián Actor, Jesús de Nazareth
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