8 names.

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1. Vicky Lane Vicky Lane Actress, The Jungle Captive Vicky Lane was born Grace Patricia Rose Coghlan in Dublin, Ireland in 1926. At a relatively young age, she had already traveled around the world twice before settling with her family in Mexico, then Nevada, and finally Beverly Hills. While perhaps best known for her role as the ape woman, Paula Dupree...
2. Peter Marko Peter Marko Actor, The Capitol Hill Girls
3. Wayne C. Treadway Wayne C. Treadway Actor, Dinosaurus!
4. Sidney Paul Sidney Paul Actor, Amazing World of Ghosts
5. Bobby Kent Bobby Kent
6. Herman N. Schoenbrun Herman N. Schoenbrun Set Decorator, Gunsmoke
7. Elaine Richards Elaine Richards Actress, Jackie Gleason: American Scene Magazine
8. Charles Rosoff Charles Rosoff Soundtrack, The Great Gatsby
8 names.