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1. Kim Chan Kim Chan Actor, The Fifth Element Born in China, Kim Chan fled China in 1928 with his father Lem and two older sisters. Settling first in Rhode Island, then in New York, Kim left his family after his father caught him lying about an afternoon spent at the cinema. Faced with an ultimatum, Kim left for years as a day laborer, occasionally homeless, frequently sleeping on vermin-infested ironing boards...
2. John Costelloe John Costelloe Actor, Doubt
3. Franklyn Seales Franklyn Seales Actor, Silver Spoons Franklyn Seales was a stage and television actor best remembered for playing the finicky business manager Dexter Stuffins on the NBC sit-com "Silver Spoons." He also appeared in films, most notably as the real-life cop killer in "The Onion Field." One of eight children, Seales was born in 1952 on the Caribbean island of St...
4. Curtis McClarin Curtis McClarin Actor, The Happening
5. Alice Barker Alice Barker Actress, Legs Ain't No Good
6. Frank Behrens Frank Behrens Actor, Wake Me When It's Over
7. Harry Endo Harry Endo Actor, Hawaii Five-O
8. Polly Platt Polly Platt Producer, Pretty Baby
9. Lori Alexia Lori Alexia Actress, Lex Steele XXX 5 Lori Alexia was born Lora Ann Evans on March 2, 1980 in Barbados. Alexia moved to Hawaii when she was seven and lived in Hawaii until she was twelve. The short (just under 5'2"), but buxom and shapely beauty started out in the adult entertainment industry as a dancer at gentleman's clubs and soon thereafter began touring the United States...
10. Gregory Rozakis Gregory Rozakis Actor, America America
11. Daniel Levins Daniel Levins Actor, Grease
12. Jean Michel Basquiat Jean Michel Basquiat Thanks, Downtown 81
13. Ned Vizzini Ned Vizzini Writer, It's Kind of a Funny Story
14. Aaron Swartz Aaron Swartz Self, Steal This Film
15. John Bunny John Bunny Actor, A Cure for Pokeritis When John Bunny died the New York Times stated, "The name John Bunny will always be linked to the movies." Little did movie fans of 1915 realize that he would be completely forgotten the next year and completely omitted from many books on silent movies 70-80 years later. Bunny was the ninth in a line of English sea captains and would be the first not to follow in that profession...
16. Morty Gunty Morty Gunty Actor, Broadway Danny Rose
17. Lady Jaye Breyer P'Orridge Lady Jaye Breyer P'Orridge Thanks, The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye
18. Winsor McCay Winsor McCay Writer, Winsor McCay, the Famous Cartoonist of the N.Y. Herald and His Moving Comics Like many pioneers, the work of 'Winsor McCay' has been largely superseded by successors such as Walt Disney and Max Fleischer but he more than earns a place in film history for being the American cinema's first great cartoon animator. He started out as a newspaper cartoonist, achieving a national reputation for his strips 'Little Nemo in Slumberland' and 'Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend'...
19. John Rodion John Rodion Actor, Tower of London 'Rodion Rathbone' is the only natural child of Basil Rathbone. He was born in Britain in 1918 or 1919 after his father returned from World War I. He was raised in Britain by his mother after his parents divorced around 1920. He went to Hollywood in the late 1930s to reunite with his father.
20. John Laurenz John Laurenz Actor, Tarzan and the Mermaids
21. Lynne Stewart Lynne Stewart Self, William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe
22. Charles Kent Charles Kent Actor, Twelfth Night After a distinguished career of more than 30 years on stage, Charles Kent entered the film industry in its earliest stages--his debut, as far as is known, was in 1908 in Macbeth). He was not only an actor but a director, and guided many upper-echelon films for Vitagraph, often starring in them...
23. Julius Rock Julius Rock
24. Oni Faida Lampley Oni Faida Lampley Actress, One Life to Live
25. Paula Fox Paula Fox Writer, Desperate Characters
26. Ruth Maleczech Ruth Maleczech Actress, Sleepers
27. Sally Phipps Sally Phipps Actress, Light Wines and Bearded Ladies
28. Marie Menken Marie Menken Director, Go! Go! Go!
29. Lenard Selichikov Lenard Selichikov Actor, Folks Mr.Selichikov's first passion was dancing. As a child he enjoyed performing for friends and family whenever & wherever he could but after a fall during a summer vacation he had irreparably damaged his leg and was unable to dance the way he used to. An avid movie watcher, he and his sister would go every week to the local Saturday serial films...
30. Mary Arden Mary Arden Actress, Blood and Black Lace
31. Wallace McCutcheon Wallace McCutcheon Director, Dream of a Rarebit Fiend
32. William Shea William Shea Actor, Julius Caesar
33. Augusta Ciolli Augusta Ciolli Actress, Marty
34. David Berry David Berry Writer, The Whales of August
35. Eubie Blake Eubie Blake Soundtrack, My Girl Songwriter ("I'm Just Wild About Harry", "You Were Meant For Me", "Memories of You"), pianist and arranger, Eubie Blake was educated at New York University. He studied the Schillinger System, and studied with Margaret Marshall and Llewellyn Wilson. He was a pianist and organist in cafés and in vaudeville and theatres...
36. Savannah Churchill Savannah Churchill Actress, Souls of Sin
37. Harry T. Morey Harry T. Morey Actor, Beyond the Rainbow
38. Al Goldstein Al Goldstein Thanks, Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy
39. Muni Seroff Muni Seroff Actor, Charlie Chan in the Secret Service
40. Jonathan P. Hicks Jonathan P. Hicks Actor, Boomerang
41. P. Jay Sidney P. Jay Sidney Actor, As the World Turns
42. Cynthia Belgrave Cynthia Belgrave Actress, One Life to Live
43. Sid Silvers Sid Silvers Writer, Born to Dance
44. Peter Balakoff Peter Balakoff Actor, Little Girls Lost...
45. James Anthony Tropeano III James Anthony Tropeano III Actor, Forever Into Space James Anthony Tropeano III is an Italian American actor. He was born in Lawrence Massachusetts and raised in Haverhill Massachusetts by his mother Debra. Mr. Tropeano now resides in Brooklyn NY. Where he acts in film and television. He also writes and has published several works under the pseudonym Edaurdo Jones.
46. Asap Yams Asap Yams Self, DGK: Parental Advisory
47. Alan Dale Alan Dale Self, The Alan Dale Show The man many consider to have possessed the greatest voice ever in popular music, Alan Dale had a career that spanned three decades and 16 record labels. At age 17 he was a big-band vocalist, first with Carmen Cavallaro, then George Paxton. In 1948 he achieved stardom via CBS' musical quiz show Sing It Again (this is the program referred to in the James Stewart film Pot o' Gold))...
48. Augusta Miller Augusta Miller
49. Logan Paul Logan Paul Actor, The Counterfeiter's Plot
50. Cassandra Danz Cassandra Danz Actress, 9½ Weeks Born Sandra Danz in Brooklyn, New York, Cassandra Danz grew up in Valley Stream, New York. The daughter of Marilyn and William Danz, Sandra attended C. W. Post College and Brooklyn College where she majored in Theater Arts. Married to Walter Brett in the 1960s, the couple had one son, Sam. After a less than memorable career as a stand-up comedienne...
1-50 of 296 names.