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1. Peter Copley Peter Copley Actor, Empire of the Sun Peter Copley (20 May 1915 - 7 October 2008) was a British television, film and stage actor. Copley was born in Bushey, Hertfordshire, son of the printmakers, John Copley and Ethel Gabain. He studied acting at the Old Vic school under Harcourt Williams and Murray Macdonald. He made his stage debut as the gaoler in the Old Vic production of The Winter's Tale in 1932...
2. Gordon Rollings Gordon Rollings Actor, Superman III Born in Batley, Yorkshire, Gordon Rollings began his career in radio in Israel, then progressed into the circus in Paris and trained as a clown. His first television appearance was in Play School (this was the very first broadcast on BBC2). He then went onto appear as Charlie Moffit in Coronation Street...
3. Colin Tarrant Colin Tarrant Actor, The Bill
4. Daphne Heard Daphne Heard Actress, To the Manor Born
5. Katharine Page Katharine Page Actress, tvSSFBM EHKL
6. Diana Wynne Jones Diana Wynne Jones Writer, Howl's Moving Castle
7. Christopher Challis Christopher Challis Cinematographer, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
8. Constance Chapman Constance Chapman Actress, Clockwise
9. Dave Borthwick Dave Borthwick Director, The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb
10. Joy Harington Joy Harington Producer, Paul of Tarsus
11. Stephen Mallatratt Stephen Mallatratt Writer, Coronation Street Stephen Mallatratt died of leukemia at the age 57. He achieved fame by adapting Susan Hill's novel The Woman In Black which premiered in Scarborough as a stocking filler over Christmas in 1987. The Woman In Black is a classic thriller for two actors, the successor to Anthony Shaffer's Sleuth, is now the second longest-running West End play - after The Mousetrap...
12. Peggy Ann Wood Peggy Ann Wood Actress, After Henry
13. Cozy Powell Cozy Powell Soundtrack, Hot Fuzz
14. John White John White Actor, Emergency-Ward 10
15. Barry Paine Barry Paine Writer, Natural World
16. Paul Ferris Paul Ferris Composer, The Conqueror Worm
17. Roy Brimble Roy Brimble Actor, Television Theatre From...
18. Edward Williams Edward Williams Composer, Journey Into Spring Although of Welsh descent, Edward Williams was born in Surrey in 1921. His father was a poet, journalist and folk song collector, and his mother was the musical daughter of a Colorado cattle rancher. After university and five years wartime Navy service, Edward became assistant to legendary film conductor Muir Mathieson in 1946...
19. David Trevena David Trevena Actor, Nineteen Eighty-Four
20. John Witty John Witty Actor, Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N.
21. Terry Brain Terry Brain Animation Department, Chicken Run
22. Stuart Gordon Stuart Gordon Composer, Rex the Runt
23. Annie St John Annie St John Self, 3-2-1
24. George Müller George Müller Self, The Century
25. John Merritt John Merritt Editor, Excalibur
26. Thomasine Heiner Thomasine Heiner Actress, French Kiss
27. F.L. Green F.L. Green Writer, Odd Man Out
28. John Elliot John Elliot Writer, War in the Air
29. Raymond James Raymond James Actor, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
30. P.R. Reid P.R. Reid Miscellaneous Crew, Colditz
31. Paul Khan Paul Khan Editor, Master Diver
32. Patrick Waite Patrick Waite
33. Becky Watts Becky Watts
34. Tom Friswell Tom Friswell Camera and Electrical Department, A Christmas Carol
35. Sam Organ Sam Organ Producer, Going Tribal
36. Michael Croucher Michael Croucher Producer, Leap in the Dark
37. John Czeslaw John Czeslaw Actor, Walter
38. W. Grey Walter W. Grey Walter Self, An Evening with the Menuhins
39. Adrian Cairns Adrian Cairns Actor, A Chance to Dance
40. H. Walford Davies H. Walford Davies Soundtrack, How Sarah Got Her Wings Best known for his Royal Air Force March Past (1918), Walford Davies was Master of the King's Music in Great Britain from 1934 until his death in 1941. He began his musical career as organist at the Temple Church in London, England and was later appointed musical director at the University of Wales...
41. Roger Bennett Roger Bennett Self, Brewhouse Jazz
42. Romany Bain Romany Bain Self, Men, Women and Clothes
43. Matt Benton Matt Benton
44. Robin Goodchild Robin Goodchild Actor, City Rats Robin trained both at the Central School of Speech and Drama and at Drama Centre in London, England. He was an incredibly talented actor, poet, musician, MC and all round entertainer, as well as being a loving and considerate friend to all he met. He lives on in the memories of all who were lucky enough to know him...
45. Simon Hicks Simon Hicks Production Designer, Leon the Pig Farmer
46. Tommy Watt Tommy Watt Composer, Brian Rix Presents: Boobs in the Wood
47. John Moore John Moore Writer, The Heart of England
48. Reg Sinfield Reg Sinfield Self, Walter Hammond - A Cricketing Great
49. Glynne Wickham Glynne Wickham Self, Television Tomorrow
50. Geoff Bradford Geoff Bradford
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