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1. Francisco Rabal Francisco Rabal Actor, Viridiana Francisco Rabal -- Paco to everyone -- was born in the mining camp where his father worked. His mother owned a small mill. At the age of six, with the Civil War breaking out, the family emigrated to Madrid and he started working as a street salesman and later in a chocolate factory, which later led to him working as an electrician in the Chamartín Film Studios...
2. Francis Girod Francis Girod Director, La banquière
3. Maurice Cloche Maurice Cloche Director, Monsieur Vincent
4. Jean Cayrol Jean Cayrol Writer, Night and Fog
5. Henri Delannoy Henri Delannoy Actor, Verdun, visions d'histoire
6. Madame Bartet Madame Bartet Actress, The White Lie
7. Nebojsa Veljovic Nebojsa Veljovic Actor, Ritam zivota
8. Gérard Bourgeois Gérard Bourgeois Soundtrack, The Barbarian Invasions
9. Marcel Roche Marcel Roche Actor, Un sourire dans la nature
10. Pierre Molinier Pierre Molinier Actor, Satan bouche un coin
11. Daniel Clérice Daniel Clérice Actor, Descendez, on vous demande
12. Cizia Zykë Cizia Zykë Self, Cizia Zykë, gentilhomme de fortune
13. Pierre-Alexis Ponson du Terrail Pierre-Alexis Ponson du Terrail Writer, Rocambole
14. José Noguéro José Noguéro Actor, Mandrin
15. Émile Couzinet Émile Couzinet Director, Andorra ou les hommes d'Airain
16. Paulette Merval Paulette Merval Self, À bout portant
17. Raymond Paquet Raymond Paquet Actor, La cantatrice chauve
18. Madeleine Fromet Madeleine Fromet Actress, Fleur des maquis
19. Jacques Manlay Jacques Manlay Director, Directed by Jacques Tourneur
20. Alain Marty Alain Marty Self, Hollywood sur Gironde ou La fabuleuse aventure d'Émile Couzinet
21. Adrien Adrius Adrien Adrius Self, Treffpunkt Hamburg
22. Uwe Nettelbeck Uwe Nettelbeck Actor, Der kleine Godard an das Kuratorium junger deutscher Film
22 names.