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1. Maureen O'Hara Maureen O'Hara Actress, Miracle on 34th Street In America, the early performing arts accomplishments of young Maureen FitzSimons (who we know as Maureen O'Hara) would definitely have put her in the child prodigy category. However, for a child of Irish heritage surrounded by gifted parents and family, these were very natural traits. Maureen made her entrance into this caring haven on August 17...
2. Reginald Owen Reginald Owen Actor, Mary Poppins Born August 5th, 1887 in England, Reginald Owen was probably Hollywood's busiest character actor - making more than 80 films. He was educated in England at Sir Herbert Tree's Academy of Dramatic Arts. Owen excelled and made his professional debut also in England at the age of 18. He came to New York in the early 1920s and started working on Broadway by 1924...
3. James Lemp James Lemp Actor, WarGames
4. Gary Downey Gary Downey Actor, Star Trek
5. Geoffrey C. Everts Geoffrey C. Everts Visual Effects, The Lion King
6. Tanner Hayes Tanner Hayes Actor, The Violation: Surrender
7. Katherine Graham Katherine Graham Art Department, Sangre de mi sangre Katherine Graham was one of the most powerful women in American media. Her multi-millionaire father, Eugene Meyer, purchased The Washington Post in 1933. After much success in restoring the down-and-out Post, he died in 1946 and left the newspaper to Graham's husband. However, her husband suffered from alcoholism and depression...
8. John Rovick John Rovick Actor, Sheriff John's Lunch Brigade
9. Gwen Stith Gwen Stith Miscellaneous Crew, Ziegfeld Girl
10. Walt Baker Walt Baker Producer, Movie Macabre
11. Dan Peterson Dan Peterson Actor, Norman Waiting
12. Isobel Lillian Steele Isobel Lillian Steele Actress, I Was a Captive of Nazi Germany
13. Morlan Nelson Morlan Nelson Self, Fire on the Mountain
14. Richard Yriondo Richard Yriondo Writer, Miss Robin Crusoe
15. Larry Jackson Larry Jackson Self, 1958 MLB All-Star Game
16. Edward Stimpson Edward Stimpson Self, Air Show: Paris 1989
17. Bernard K. Burns Bernard K. Burns Writer, The Woman on the Jury
17 names.