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1. Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic Actor, Srecni ljudi
2. Mira Stupica Mira Stupica Actress, Parada
3. Bekim Fehmiu Bekim Fehmiu Actor, I Even Met Happy Gypsies
4. Dragomir Bojanic-Gidra Dragomir Bojanic-Gidra Actor, Zikina dinastija
5. Dragan Nikolic Dragan Nikolic Actor, Selo gori, a baba se ceslja Dragan Nikolic's movie debut was in 1964 (Pravo stanje stvari), but he started his career with role Dzimi Barka in movie When I Am Dead and Gone, directed by Zivojin Pavlovic and for this role, he was awarded with Diploma at Pula Film Festival in 1968. He appeared in more than 90 feature films. In 1985 he received the "October award" of Belgrade. He was married to Milena Dravic...
6. Milorad Mandic-Manda Milorad Mandic-Manda Actor, Selo gori, a baba se ceslja In the age of 21 he become a member of amateur Drama Experimental Studio in Belgrade. Six years later he graduated in Belgrade Academy of Film and Theater in class of professor Vladimir Jevtovic. After graduation he become a member of Belgrade children theater "Bosko Buha", where he worked occasionally...
7. Pavle Vuisic Pavle Vuisic Actor, Ko to tamo peva
8. Bora Todorovic Bora Todorovic Actor, Dom za vesanje Bora Todorovic was born in Belgrade, in the teacher's family which was first led by service to Milanovac. He had lost his father there during his childhood and then the family moved to Arandjelovac. Then followed going to Belgrade, secondary school and army service. He had not dreamed about acting but he was imperceptible bitten by this profession fever...
9. Danilo 'Bata' Stojkovic Danilo 'Bata' Stojkovic Actor, Balkanski spijun Danilo 'Bata' Stojkovic was born on 11th of August 1934 in Belgrade, Stojkovic in Belgrade. He was one of the most prominent and respectable actors in the history of Yugoslav and Serbian cinema. He acted in 68 films during his life (debut in Covek iz hrastove sume), more than 50 TV dramas and 20 TV series. The character...
10. Saveta Kovac Saveta Kovac Makeup Department, Maratonci trce pocasni krug
11. Miodrag Petrovic-Ckalja Miodrag Petrovic-Ckalja Actor, Dezurna ulica
12. Nikola Simic Nikola Simic Actor, Agencija za SiS Nikola Simic was born on May 18, 1934 in Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia. He is best known for his leading role in Serbian sequeled smash hit A Tight Spot as a low-level clerk Dimitrije-Mita Pantic, as well as the voice of Bugs Bunny cartoons dubbed in Serbian. He died of cancer on November 9, 2014 in Belgrade, Serbia.
13. Sibina Mijatovic Sibina Mijatovic Actress, Most
14. Miomir Radevic-Pigi Miomir Radevic-Pigi Stunts, Underground
15. Zorica Randic Zorica Randic Makeup Department, W.R. - Misterije organizma
16. Dragoslav Radoicic-Beli Dragoslav Radoicic-Beli Production Manager, Old Shatterhand
17. Vojka Cordic Vojka Cordic Actress, Mi nismo andjeli
18. Jovisa Vojinovic Jovisa Vojinovic Actor, Cetiri kilometra na sat
19. Stanimir Avramovic Stanimir Avramovic Actor, Kad budem mrtav i beo
20. Aleksandar Stojkovic Aleksandar Stojkovic Actor, Leptirica
21. Marija Kordic Marija Kordic Makeup Department, Balkan ekspres
22. Dragica Milivojevic Dragica Milivojevic Makeup Department, Ko to tamo peva
23. Marko Todorovic Marko Todorovic Actor, Zikina dinastija
24. Ranko Mascarell Ranko Mascarell Production Designer, Sveto mesto
25. Sonja Savic Sonja Savic Actress, Balkanski spijun
26. Branislav 'Brana' Petrovic Branislav 'Brana' Petrovic Writer, Muskarci
27. Danilo Lazovic Danilo Lazovic Actor, Srecni ljudi
28. Miomir 'Miki' Stamenkovic Miomir 'Miki' Stamenkovic Director, Neka druga zena
29. Bojan Stupica Bojan Stupica Actor, Siberian Lady Macbeth
30. Zivko Nikolic Zivko Nikolic Director, Lepota poroka
31. Zivorad 'Zika' Mitrovic Zivorad 'Zika' Mitrovic Director, Mars na Drinu Zivorad 'Zika' Mitrovic was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in 1921. He belongs to the first generation of post-WW2 directors, and began directing in 1946. His first film was a documentary about the National Army rally named Nove pobede. After this feature, he made a series of shorts (The First Lights, The Soil Was Waiting for a Tractor, Images of Prizren and Pozari u gradu)...
32. Mija Aleksic Mija Aleksic Actor, Vaga za tacno merenje One of the most busy, talented and famous Serbian actors. After studying law, Mija Aleksic turned to acting, becoming a member of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre and the Yugoslav Drama Theatre in Belgrade. As of the 1950s, Aleksic added movies and - later on television - to his numerous activities.. At ease in drama, Mija Aleksic is best remembered for his talent in the register of comedy.
33. Zivojin Pavlovic Zivojin Pavlovic Writer, Rdece klasje
34. Zivojin 'Zika' Milenkovic Zivojin 'Zika' Milenkovic Actor, Porodicno blago
35. Dragan Kresoja Dragan Kresoja Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Dom za vesanje
36. Zeljko Bozic Zeljko Bozic Stunts, The Professional Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Zeljko became a stuntman at the age of 17. He was master of Aikido and Jiu-jitsu 3. Dan. He finished Coach Academy in Novi Sad and graduated on the subject "Martial arts in movies". Zeljko was the president of Stuntmen's Association of Serbia and Montenegro (AKA Stuntmen's Association of Yugoslavia)...
37. Milica Stanivuk Milica Stanivuk Makeup Department, Tesna koza 2
38. Sima Janicijevic Sima Janicijevic Actor, The Treasure of the Silver Lake
39. Ljuba Tadic Ljuba Tadic Actor, Sutjeska
40. Mihajlo Kostic-Pljaka Mihajlo Kostic-Pljaka Actor, Grad
41. Eugen Verber Eugen Verber Actor, Lek od ljubavi
42. Rastko Tadic Rastko Tadic Actor, Jednog lepog, lepog dana
43. Mir Jam Mir Jam Writer, Greh njene majke Mir Jam (real name Milica Jakovljevi) is Serbian author born April 22, 1887 in Jagodina , spent her childhood in Kragujevac and later in life moved to Belgrade . Mir Jam started her career as journalist . She wrote period novels and short stories set in period between two world wars. Her work consists of easy-to-read love stories written in very picturesque and descriptive style...
44. Rajko Prodanovic Rajko Prodanovic Actor, Smeker
45. Olivera Markovic Olivera Markovic Actress, Tito i ja Olivera Markovic has prevailed in the Yugoslav theater, film and television scene since she first appeared in modern American stage plays by such authors as Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams and William Inge in the early 1950s, and was also able to impress audiences and critics alike in more light-hearted roles...
46. Jelena Gencic Jelena Gencic Miscellaneous Crew, Kostana
47. Jovan Konjovic Jovan Konjovic Director, Velebitske saonice ili tri svalera i jedna devojka
48. Ivo Andric Ivo Andric Writer, Gazija
49. Zorka Manojlovic Zorka Manojlovic Actress, Rane
50. Milutin 'Mica' Tatic Milutin 'Mica' Tatic Actor, Na slovo, na slovo
1-50 of 870 names.