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1. Julien Schoenaerts Julien Schoenaerts Actor, Daens The Flemish (Dutch-language Belgian) actor Julien Schoenaerts made a most notable acting career, foremost in the theatre but also on the movie - and TV screen. Schoenaerts was born on 30 August 1925 in Eigenbilzen (Belgian province of Limburg). He once said his first public part was that of St-John at age four...
2. Hergé Hergé Writer, The Adventures of Tintin Born under the name Georges Remi on May 22, 1907 in Brussels, Belgium. As a child, Herge had a gift for drawing but never had any formal training in the visual arts. He attended both school and the boy scouts during the World War 1 and post-World War 1 Era. After he finished school Herge published his first ever cartoon: "The Adventures of Totor" for Le Boy-Scout Belge (a scouting magazine)...
3. Giacomo Puccini Giacomo Puccini Soundtrack, Milk Italian composer, one of the greatest exponents of operatic realism, who virtually brought the history of Italian opera to an end. His mature operas include "La Bohème" (1896), "Tosca" (1900), "Madama Butterfly" (1904), and "Turandot" left incomplete.
4. Toots Thielemans Toots Thielemans Music Department, Baantjer
5. Peyo Peyo Writer, The Smurfs
6. Gilles Villeneuve Gilles Villeneuve Self, Formula 1
7. Jan van Raemdonck Jan van Raemdonck Producer, De loteling
8. John Ringling North John Ringling North Miscellaneous Crew, The Greatest Show on Earth John Ringling North was the nephew of John Ringling, one of the five Ringling brothers. John Ringling was born Johann Nicholas Rungling in 1866 in MacGregor, Iowa - the family Americanized the name to Ringling - and with his four brothers, founded what was to become the world's most successful circus in 1884...
9. Michael Been Michael Been Soundtrack, The Lost Boys
10. Henri Storck Henri Storck Director, Misère au Borinage
11. Tsilla Chelton Tsilla Chelton Actress, Tatie Danielle
12. Marquis de Wavrin Marquis de Wavrin Director, The Amazon Head Hunters As of 1913, the Marquis Robert de Wavrin (1888 - 1971) was to spend many years exploring what were then the least-known areas of South-America. He would spend 25 years of his life returning there on a regular basis, and at his own expense, hoping to record on film with the camera he always carried regions...
13. Bert André Bert André Actor, Ramona
14. Ann Petersen Ann Petersen Actress, Thuis
15. Luc Philips Luc Philips Actor, Wij, heren van Zichem
16. René Magritte René Magritte Self, Magritte
17. Hugo Claus Hugo Claus Writer, Vrijdag
18. Tessy Moerenhout Tessy Moerenhout Actress, Ik zag Cecilia komen
19. Åsleik Engmark Åsleik Engmark Actor, Knerten
20. Soeur Sourire Soeur Sourire Soundtrack, Mermaids Soeur Sourire ("Sister Smile") a.k.a. the Singing Nun, was born Jeanine Deckers on October 17, 1933, in Belgium. She attended art school as a young girl, while also developing her musical talents. Jeanine learned to sing and play, and write her own songs. She was not from a close-knit family, and even though Jeanine said she was not against marriage...
21. Annik Honoré Annik Honoré Self, Joy Division
22. Henri Xhonneux Henri Xhonneux Director, Téléchat
23. Georgette Magritte Georgette Magritte Self, Monitor
24. Jef Geeraerts Jef Geeraerts Writer, The Memory of a Killer
25. Ray Goossens Ray Goossens Director, Astérix le Gaulois
26. Anton Peters Anton Peters Actor, De paradijsvogels
27. Mieke Verheyden Mieke Verheyden Actress, Left Luggage
28. Martin Gray Martin Gray Writer, Au nom de tous les miens
29. Dora van der Groen Dora van der Groen Actress, Antonia's Line
30. Suzy Falk Suzy Falk Actress, The Triplets of Belleville
31. Ugo Prinsen Ugo Prinsen Actor, Het glas van roem en dood
32. Jane Peter Jane Peter Actress, Chez bompa lawijt
33. Co Prins Co Prins Actor, Victory
34. Édouard Mathé Édouard Mathé Actor, Les vampires
35. Denise Zimmerman Denise Zimmerman Actress, De loteling
36. Yvonne Mertens Yvonne Mertens Actress, In perfecte staat
37. Anthony Debaeck Anthony Debaeck Actor, The Queen
38. Roland Verhavert Roland Verhavert Director, De loteling
39. Thierry Zéno Thierry Zéno Director, Vase de noces
40. Robert Lussac Robert Lussac Actor, Wij, heren van Zichem
41. Paul-Emile Van Royen Paul-Emile Van Royen Actor, De witte
42. Dolf de Winter Dolf de Winter Actor, Johan en de Alverman
43. Charles Dekeukeleire Charles Dekeukeleire Director, Thema's van de inspiratie
44. Polly Geerts Polly Geerts Actress, Wenn die Conny mit dem Peter
45. Monique Von Cleef Monique Von Cleef Self, Naughty!
46. Jo Crab Jo Crab Actress, De collega's
47. Sjarel Branckaerts Sjarel Branckaerts Actor, Mega Mindy
48. Pierre van Dormael Pierre van Dormael Composer, Mr. Nobody
49. Jef Cassiers Jef Cassiers Actor, Johan en de Alverman
50. Paul Cammermans Paul Cammermans Director, Het gezin van Paemel
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