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1. Albert Sharpe Albert Sharpe Actor, Darby O'Gill and the Little People
2. Jackie Wright Jackie Wright Self, The Benny Hill Show One of twelve children, Jackie Wright started out as a body builder in the car trade, even working for a time in America upholstering Cadillacs. After the Depression he drifted back to his native Belfast and travelled the country as a music-hall trombonist and supporting comic. By the 1960s, Jackie had drifted into television work as an extra on shows such as Z Cars...
3. J.G. Devlin J.G. Devlin Actor, Far and Away
4. Joseph Tomelty Joseph Tomelty Actor, Moby Dick The distinctively white-haired, bushy-browed Northern Irish novelist, playwright and character actor, Joseph Tomelty was born the eldest of seven children in the small fishing village of Portaferry, County Down. He initially followed in his father's footsteps as a house painter. Early on, life on the stage might have seemed inconceivable because of a noticeable stutter...
5. Gerry Conlon Gerry Conlon Writer, In the Name of the Father
6. J.J. Murphy J.J. Murphy Actor, Cal
7. Sean Caffrey Sean Caffrey Actor, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
8. Ian Paisley Ian Paisley Self, A House Divided
9. Maire O'Neill Maire O'Neill Actress, The Shame of Mary Boyle
10. Alex Higgins Alex Higgins Self, Masters Snooker Alex Higgins was one of the greatest, and most exuberant, snooker players of all-time. He won two World Championship titles, first in 1972 against John Spencer, and second in 1982 against Ray Reardon. In addition, he also won two Masters titles, in 1978 and 1981, and one UK Championship title in 1983...
11. Vincent Hanna Vincent Hanna Self, A Week in Politics
12. Tom Dart Tom Dart Actor, Standby
13. Richard Hayward Richard Hayward Actor, Devil's Rock
14. Mark Mulholland Mark Mulholland Actor, Far and Away
15. John Keegan John Keegan Actor, Lifeforce
16. Christina Reid Christina Reid Writer, Pie in the Sky
17. Pamela Brighton Pamela Brighton Actress, Duet for One
18. Arthur Sinclair Arthur Sinclair Actor, King Solomon's Mines
19. Billy Simpson Billy Simpson Self, Spirit of '58
20. Bridie Gallagher Bridie Gallagher Self, Val Parnell's Sunday Night at the London Palladium
21. James Young James Young Actor, Chevron Theatre
22. Helen Lewis Helen Lewis Actress, The Bill
23. Joe Cahill Joe Cahill Actor, The Great Train Robbery
24. Tom Hadaway Tom Hadaway Writer, In Fading Light
25. Bap Kennedy Bap Kennedy Soundtrack, Serendipity
26. Greg Lyttle Greg Lyttle
27. Keith Jeffery Keith Jeffery Self, Revealing Gallipoli
28. Leila Webster Leila Webster Actress, The Long March
29. David Hammond David Hammond Director, The Story of Places
30. James White James White
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