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1. Farid Al Atrache Farid Al Atrache Actor, Little Miss Devil Farid Al Atrache was born in Jebel Ed-Druz, Southern Syria in 1915. His parents were Prince Fahad Al Atrache and Princess Alia. In 1923, Prince Fahad and the Al Atrache clan were fighting against the French occupation of their land and as a result, Princess Alia had to flee to Egypt with her three young children Fouad...
2. Sabah Sabah Actress, Soft Hands
3. Maroun Bagdadi Maroun Bagdadi Director, Hors la vie
4. Abdel Salam Al Nabulsy Abdel Salam Al Nabulsy Actor, Ashour, the Lion-Hearted Abdel Salam Al Nabulsy was born in Northern Tripoli in 1899. His father sent him to Egypt so he could study at Al-Azhar Mosque, and while he was there he became interested in acting. He acted on stage for a while and when his family knew about his new career, they stopped sending him money so he could concentrate on his studies...
5. Joseph Azar Joseph Azar Actor, Auliban, the Seller of Jokes
6. Leïla Karam Leïla Karam Actress, West Beirut
7. Fatin Abdel Wahab Fatin Abdel Wahab Director, Wife Number 13
8. Leyla Hakim Leyla Hakim Actress, Bahiya & Mahmoud
9. Nicoletta Parodi Nicoletta Parodi Actress, The Children Are Watching Us
10. Mansour Rahbani Mansour Rahbani Actor, Auliban, the Seller of Jokes
11. Waguih Takla Waguih Takla Actor, Sands of Eden
12. Levon Shant Levon Shant Writer, Ancient Gods
13. Hanka Ordonówna Hanka Ordonówna Actress, Spy
14. Walid Gulmiah Walid Gulmiah Composer, Kafr kasem
15. Haj Amin Al-Husseini Haj Amin Al-Husseini Uncategorised
16. Muhammed Hussein Fadlallah Muhammed Hussein Fadlallah Self, American Jihadist
16 names.