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1. Kevin Smith Kevin Smith Actor, Desperate Remedies He was born in Auckland, New Zealand and spent his early childhood there. His family moved to the small rural town of Timaru in New Zealand's South Island when he was 11. During high school, he began playing in rock-and-roll bands, but never aspired to a career as an actor. He had a passion for rugby and his dream was to play for the All Blacks...
2. Ruocheng Ying Ruocheng Ying Actor, The Last Emperor
3. Tony Fish Tony Fish Actor, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo
4. Norodom Sihanouk Norodom Sihanouk Director, Twilight
5. Jing Bai Jing Bai Actress, Kung Fu Wing Chun
6. Tian-Ming Wu Tian-Ming Wu Director, The King of Masks
7. Hongshen Jia Hongshen Jia Actor, Suzhou River
8. Zhuang Zedong Zhuang Zedong Self, Chinese Ping-Pong
9. Austin Wai Austin Wai Actor, SPL: Kill Zone
10. Gordon Sloan Gordon Sloan Self, Big Brother: Australia
11. Yu Li Yu Li Actress, To Be a Singer?
12. Ming Li Ming Li Producer, Reign of Assassins
13. Tian Xie Tian Xie Director, Teahouse
14. Jun Li Jun Li Director, Xu Mao and his Daughters
15. Qun Wang Qun Wang Actor, Project A
16. Xingyu Wen Xingyu Wen Actor, Wo ai wo jia: Shang
17. Mei Lanfang Mei Lanfang Actor, Sheng si hen
18. Biao Fu Biao Fu Actor, Happy Times
19. Qiang Chen Qiang Chen Actor, Together
20. Li-li Li Li-li Li Actress, Gu dao tian tang Born in Beijing in 1915, Li had a miserable childhood - she was a child maid, an adopted daughter, learned Beijing Opera, was admitted to an orphanage. She moved to Shanghai in 1927 and joined a troupe to learn singing and dancing. She became a movie actress in 1931 and appeared in six films by director Sun Yu...
21. Bide Yan Bide Yan Actor, Zui hou de gui zu
22. Tan Xinpei Tan Xinpei Actor, Dingjunshan
23. Huaili Yan Huaili Yan Actor, Journey to the West
24. Hung-chang Li Hung-chang Li Self, Li Hung Chang, 5th Avenue & 55th Street, N.Y.
25. Kun Xiang Kun Xiang Actor, Burning of the Imperial Palace
26. Wenyuan Yao Wenyuan Yao Uncategorised
27. Marc Van Bever Marc Van Bever Producer, Fashion Victim
28. Yan Xia Yan Xia Writer, Zhu Fu
29. Joe Bosco Joe Bosco Actor, Last Hour
30. Junchao Jiang Junchao Jiang Writer, Cheng feng po lang
31. Tiesheng Shi Tiesheng Shi Writer, Bian zou bian chang
32. Lao-She Lao-She Writer, Luo tuo Xiang Zi
33. Dun Mao Dun Mao Writer, Midnight
34. Yuanyuan Li Yuanyuan Li Actress, Episode #1.1
35. Saifu Saifu Director, Genghis Khan
36. Jingda Xu Jingda Xu Director, Nezha Conquers the Dragon King
37. Fengkui Wang Fengkui Wang Director, Hei! Ge meng er
38. Wanfen Li Wanfen Li Actress, Si shi tong tang
39. Larry Kramer Larry Kramer Miscellaneous Crew, Rocky II
40. Lirong Zhao Lirong Zhao Actress, The Spring Festival
41. Zhigang Wang Zhigang Wang Actor, Shaolin: Wheel of Life
42. Xi Mei Xi Mei Actor, Chang hen ge
43. Hongwen Wang Hongwen Wang Uncategorised
44. Zuo Liang Zuo Liang Writer, Wo ai wo jia: Xia
45. Zhenhua Niu Zhenhua Niu Actor, The Soong Sisters
46. Congwen Shen Congwen Shen Writer, A Girl from Hunan
47. Ding Li Ding Li Actor, Lao you suo wei
48. Xingli Niu Xingli Niu Actor, Ju Dou
49. Xueqin Cao Xueqin Cao Writer, A Dream in Red Mansions Although little is known of his personal life, Cao Xueqin (or Ts'ao Hsueh-ch'in) is considered to be China's greatest novelist, and Hong Lou Meng ("A Dream of Red Mansions" sometimes "The Story of the Stone") is regarded as the greatest novel in the Chinese language. As with the family portrayed in the novel...
50. Yuan Ling Yuan Ling Actress, A Brighter Summer Day
1-50 of 56 names.