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1. Xavier Cugat Xavier Cugat Soundtrack, 2046 Born in Spain, Xavier Cugat's family moved to Havana, Cuba, when he was three. Always musically inclined, he packed up and moved to Los Angeles, where he worked as a cartoonist for the Los Angeles Times newspaper during the day and labored to put together a band at night. After a few years of playing smaller clubs in the L.A...
2. Ladislao Vajda Ladislao Vajda Director, It Happened in Broad Daylight
3. Ricardo Gascón Ricardo Gascón Writer, Correo del rey
4. Raquel Meller Raquel Meller Actress, Carmen Raquel Meller was born in Tarazona,Zaragoza, Aragón (Spain) from a very poor family. Since her parents could not afford her education she was sent to live with an aunt who was a nun at a convent. At age 12 she came back to her parents who were then residing in Barcelona and shortly after began working as a seamstress in a shop that catered to show business personalities...
5. Alfonso Balcázar Alfonso Balcázar Writer, Colegialas lesbianas y el placer de pervertir
6. Alfredo Matas Alfredo Matas Producer, The Heifer
7. Félix de Pomés Félix de Pomés Actor, Aurora de esperanza
8. Isabel de Pomés Isabel de Pomés Actress, The Miracle of Marcelino
9. Luis Induni Luis Induni Actor, For Love and Gold
10. Juan Manuel Soriano Juan Manuel Soriano Actor, Tarjeta de visita
11. Rafael Navarro Rafael Navarro Actor, El cumpleaños
12. Mark Hanna Mark Hanna Stunts, Saving Private Ryan Mark Ashley Hanna was born into an aviation family in Berkshire on the 6th August, 1959. Educated at Kimbolton School, Huntingdonshire, it was a foregone conclusion that he would join the RAF, having first been taught to fly by his father, Ray Hanna (the first leader of RAF's display team "The Red Arrows") from a small coral strip in the Philippines...
13. Rafael Luis Calvo Rafael Luis Calvo Actor, Catalina de Inglaterra
14. Bertha Belmore Bertha Belmore Actress, Be Careful, Mr. Smith
15. Julio Salvador Julio Salvador Writer, Hannah, Queen of the Vampires
16. Ricardo de Baños Ricardo de Baños Director, Secreto de confesión A pioneer of Spanish cinema, Ricardo de Baños was involved in the film industry almost from its beginnings. He directed his first film in 1904. He also photographed many of his own productions. Although he directed a fair number of films, he is generally regarded as more of an exceptionally notable cameraman than a director.
17. Juan Xiol Juan Xiol Director, Los farsantes del amor
18. Pedrito Rico Pedrito Rico Actor, El ángel de España
19. Lorenzo Llobet Gracia Lorenzo Llobet Gracia Writer, Vida en sombras
20. Joan Ramon Mainat Joan Ramon Mainat Director, Crónicas marcianas
21. Francisco Elías Francisco Elías Writer, Marta
22. Adrià Gual Adrià Gual Writer, Misterio de dolor
23. Modesto Cid Modesto Cid Actor, La familia Vila
24. Gustavo Re Gustavo Re Actor, That Man in Istanbul
25. Juan Lladó Juan Lladó Writer, El difunto es un vivo
26. Jordi Estadella Jordi Estadella Self, No te rías, que es peor
27. Josep Lluís Fonoll Josep Lluís Fonoll Actor, Wheels on Meals
28. Jesús Rollán Jesús Rollán Self, Especial informativo: Madrid 2012
29. Daniel Mangrané Daniel Mangrané Writer, The Evil Forest
30. Miguel Ángel Valdivieso Miguel Ángel Valdivieso Actor, Delincuentes
31. Ricard Salvat Ricard Salvat Writer, María Rosa
32. Luis Pruneda Luis Pruneda Actor, Pantalla grande
33. Charlie Rivel Charlie Rivel Actor, Akrobat Schööön!
34. Alady Alady Actor, Paradise Recovered
35. Vicente Escudero Vicente Escudero Actor, Con el viento solano
36. Joan Baptista Humet Joan Baptista Humet Soundtrack, Homenatge a Joan Baptista Humet
37. Antonio de Padua Tramullas Antonio de Padua Tramullas Cinematographer, El rajá de Lifará en Zaragoza
38. Ladislao Kubala Ladislao Kubala Self, Episode #1.1
39. Andrés de Segurola Andrés de Segurola Actor, One Night of Love
40. Ramón Martori Ramón Martori Actor, La herida luminosa
41. Manuel Bengoa Manuel Bengoa Writer, El difunto es un vivo
42. Ernesto Vilches Ernesto Vilches Actor, El golfo
43. Salvador Puig Antich Salvador Puig Antich Self, Dotze hores de vida: L'execució de Puig Antich i Heinz Chez
44. Baltasar Abadal Baltasar Abadal Director, El rey de las montañas
45. José Falcón José Falcón Self, Tarde de feria
46. Àngel Guimerà Àngel Guimerà Writer, El padre Juanico
47. Carmen Kurtz Carmen Kurtz Writer, Oscar, Kina and the Laser
48. Francesc Macià Francesc Macià Uncategorised
49. Teodor Garriga Teodor Garriga Self, Mirant al cel
50. Nina Reiggini Nina Reiggini Actress, La herencia del diablo Born Leonor Reig Vallès, Nina Reiggini was the star of famed Studio Films, founded in 1915 by directors Alfredo Fontanals, Solà Mestres and Domingo Ceret. She worked on 6 movies, from 1915 (when she was 5 years old) to 1917. She is regarded as the spanish Shirley Temple and has a certain cult following...
1-50 of 65 names.