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1. George Sanders George Sanders Actor, All About Eve George Sanders was born of English parents in St. Petersburg, Russia. He worked in a Birmingham textile mill, in the tobacco business and as a writer in advertising. He entered show business in London as a chorus boy, going from there to cabaret, radio and theatrical understudy. His film debut, in 1936...
2. Henry Beckman Henry Beckman Actor, Marnie
3. Xavier Cugat Xavier Cugat Soundtrack, Two Weeks Notice Born in Spain, Xavier Cugat's family moved to Havana, Cuba, when he was three. Always musically inclined, he packed up and moved to Los Angeles, where he worked as a cartoonist for the Los Angeles Times newspaper during the day and labored to put together a band at night. After a few years of playing smaller clubs in the L.A...
4. Anna Lizaran Anna Lizaran Actress, Forasters
5. Andrea Albani Andrea Albani Actress, El pico
6. Josep Maria Domènech Josep Maria Domènech Actor, Vicky Cristina Barcelona
7. Ovidi Montllor Ovidi Montllor Actor, Pepe Carvalho At 12 years he worked as an apprentice mechanic, starting as an actor at age 20 and with the theater group of Alcoy natal "Casserole." In the mid-60's economic crisis forced him to emigrate to Barcelona, since then his career combining theatrical Companies Adrià Gual, CIFC and Nuria Espert with forays into the music scene...
8. Amparo Soler Leal Amparo Soler Leal Actress, La gran familia
9. José María Caffarel José María Caffarel Actor, Los gozos y las sombras
10. Johan Cruyff Johan Cruyff Self, Il profeta del gol Johan Cruyff (or Cruijffie) is voted the best European soccer player of the twentieth century (and the second best worldplayer). He started his career with AJAX Amsterdam and led them to 4 European finals of which 3 were won (1971/1972/1973). In 1973 Cruyff joined Barcelona (for a the then record-fee of 6 million guilders)...
11. Ignacio F. Iquino Ignacio F. Iquino Writer, Fuego en la sangre
12. Constantino Romero Constantino Romero Self, La parodia nacional Constantino Romero was born on May 29, 1947 in Albacete, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. In the early 70's he started as dubbed voice actor, in movies as They Call Me Mister Tibbs! and Dirty Harry. His voice tone, deep and serious, was turned in the most recognizable voice in Spain during the 70's years and the 80's...
13. Sven Hassel Sven Hassel Writer, The Misfit Brigade
14. Jacinto Esteva Jacinto Esteva Writer, Después del diluvio
15. José Antonio de la Loma José Antonio de la Loma Writer, Las manos sucias
16. Cassen Cassen Actor, Plácido He works in Radio Tarragona. There he begins as a comic actor. Later he debuts in the Romea theater in Barcelona and works in shows, TV and debuts in cinema in 1961.
17. Joaquim Jordà Joaquim Jordà Writer, A Body in the Woods
18. Mercedes Borrull Mercedes Borrull Actress, Malvaloca Mercedes Borrull Giménez, who would be known as "La Gitana Blanca", was the daughter of guitarist Miguel Borrull Giménez, and granddaughter of Miguel Borrull Castelló, who was also a famed flamenco guitarist. Both him and her father played to her aunts' Isabel and Julia flamenco dances, performing as Las Egipcias in Madrid and Paris...
19. Mario Cabré Mario Cabré Actor, Pandora and the Flying Dutchman Mario Cabre started his career as a torero. Banking on his popularity he started his career in cinema. He also authored several books of poetry. During the 1950s he lived mostly in Argentina, but in the 1960s he returned to Spain where he hosted the popular show TV "Reina por un día". He also unsuccessfully attempted a comeback in cinema working with director Pedro Portabella.
20. Antoni Ribas Antoni Ribas Director, La ciutat cremada
21. Jaime Camino Jaime Camino Writer, Las largas vacaciones del 36
22. Omar Bongo Omar Bongo Self, Reporters Born on December 30, 1935, the youngest of 12 children, Bongo served as a lieutenant in the French Air Force, then climbed quickly through the civil service, eventually becoming vice president of Gabon. He assumed the presidency 2 December 1967, after the death of Leon M'Ba, the country's only other head of state since independence from France in 1960...
23. Holly One Holly One Actor, Who Fucked Rocco?
24. Alfred Lucchetti Alfred Lucchetti Actor, Tu nombre envenena mis sueños
25. Ignasi Abadal Ignasi Abadal Actor, Nine Queens
26. Miguel Iglesias Miguel Iglesias Director, Tu marido nos engaña
27. María Dolores Cabo María Dolores Cabo Actress, Aquí están las vicetiples
28. Josep Madern Josep Madern Actor, Lletres catalanes
29. Pedro Sempson Pedro Sempson Actor, ...Y al tercer año, resucitó
30. Francisco Rovira Beleta Francisco Rovira Beleta Director, Los tarantos
31. Félix Rotaeta Félix Rotaeta Director, Chatarra
32. Pep Torrents Pep Torrents Actor, L'entrevista impossible
33. Fructuós Gelabert Fructuós Gelabert Director, Lucha por la herencia
34. Josep M. Lana Josep M. Lana Actor, La muchacha de las bragas de oro
35. Alejandro Ulloa Alejandro Ulloa Director, La niña está loca Alejandro García Ulloa was born in Madrid on October 22nd. 1910. As a 12-year old child he attended the play "Don Álvaro o la fuerza del sino" at the Teatro Español, where renowned actor Ricardo Calvo played the lead. He was so impressed that went to the National Library, got the play and learned a monologue by heart...
36. Josep Castillo Escalona Josep Castillo Escalona Actor, Teatro catalán
37. Peret Peret Soundtrack, The Place Beyond the Pines
38. Joan Potau Joan Potau Writer, El rey pasmado
39. Llàtzer Escarceller Llàtzer Escarceller Actor, Makinavaja, el último choriso
40. Mercè Bruquetas Mercè Bruquetas Actress, Una parella al vostre gust
41. Ana María Matute Ana María Matute Writer, Pecado de omisión
42. Carles Sabater Carles Sabater Actor, Gaudí
43. Eugenio Eugenio Soundtrack, Revenge for Jolly! Taciturn, introverted and almost without even outlining a smile ('I only laugh when I get paid for my performance', he used to say), his humor used to start with a question (¿Lo saben aquel que dice...? (Do you know that one that says...?, referring to a joke)) followed by a story as an answer, from...
44. María Francés María Francés Actress, Plácido
45. Àngels Poch Àngels Poch Actress, Insensibles
46. Pepe Rubianes Pepe Rubianes Actor, Cràpules
47. Manel Esteban Manel Esteban Director, Los mares del sur
48. Consuelo de Nieva Consuelo de Nieva Actress, Un soltero difícil
49. José María Nunes José María Nunes Director, Amigogima
50. Carles Velat Carles Velat Actor, La saga de los Rius
1-50 of 312 names.