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1. Charles Napier Charles Napier Actor, Rambo: First Blood Part II Lively character actor who usually plays bodybuilding military types and menacing bad guys. Charles Napier's roles have changed little since his debut in Russ Meyer's Cherry, Harry & Raquel!. Napier went on appearing in other Meyer movies, including the homicidal Harry Sledge in Supervixens and also became a regular playing smaller roles for Jonathan Demme...
2. Annette Funicello Annette Funicello Actress, Babes in Toyland Annette Joanne Funicello achieved teenage popularity starting in October, 1955 after she debuted as a Mouseketeer. Born on October 22, 1942 in Utica New York, the family had moved to California when she was still young. Walt Disney himself saw her performing the lead role in "Swan Lake" at her ballet...
3. Max Prado Max Prado Actor, The Benchwarmers
4. Cynthia Thompson Cynthia Thompson Actress, Cavegirl Cynthia Ann Thompson was a lovely, spunky and appealing blonde actress with long curly hair, a cute face, a shapely figure, and a wonderfully vivacious personality who alas only acted in a handful of enjoyable low-budget Grade B pictures in the 80s. She was born on June 24, 1959 in Santa Maria, California...
5. Buck Owens Buck Owens Self, Hee Haw Buck Owens is a true legend in country music. Along with fellow performers Merle Haggard and Wynn Stewart, Buck helped popularize the Bakersfield Sound, or honky-tonk infused with electric instrumentation and rock influences. Growing up in Arizona, Buck picked cotton and learned to play the mandolin...
6. Chuck Roberson Chuck Roberson Actor, The Big Country American stuntman who also played minor roles in scores of movies. Son of Allie W. and Jannie Hamm Roberson. Raised on cattle ranches in Shannon, Texas, and Roswell, New Mexico, he left school at 13 to become a cowhand and oilfield roughneck. He married and took his wife and daughter to California, where he joined the Culver City Police Department and guarded the gate at MGM studios...
7. Randy Stuart Randy Stuart Actress, All About Eve The daughter of husband-and-wife vaudevillians, Randy Stuart was born in southeastern Iola, Kansas and traveled throughout the South and Midwest with her itinerant parents before making her own stage debut with them at the ripe old age of three. The family eventually settled in California where Randy attended college...
8. Jane Nigh Jane Nigh Actress, Big Town
9. Gloria Saunders Gloria Saunders Actress, Terry and the Pirates
10. Bonnie Owens Bonnie Owens Soundtrack, The Sapphires
11. Jimmy Rogers Jimmy Rogers Actor, Calaboose
12. Sonny Tipton Sonny Tipton Stunts, Big Fish
13. George H. Plympton George H. Plympton Writer, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe
14. Ida Coffin Ida Coffin Actress, Lady Luck IdaBelle Coffin was only in show business a short time, but the few films she was in, she appeared with legends and stole every scene she was in. She appeared in films with football legend Kenny Washington, first African American to play national football, comedian Mantan Moreland, Apollo emcee Ralph Cooper...
15. Carolina Cotton Carolina Cotton Actress, Apache Country Known by such nicknames as the Yodeling Blonde Bombshell, Westerns First Lady and the All-American Girl, Carolina Cotton came from humble beginnings and became a prolific entertainer in the Golden Era of Western Swing music and B movies, soundies, radio shows and early television. Her fun, lively "pretty little girl next door" personality made her a favorite with Western fans worldwide...
16. Marilyn McArthurs Marilyn McArthurs Actress, The Black 6
17. June Weaver June Weaver Actress, Jeepers Creepers The distaff member of the popular musical comedy hillbilly trio "The Weaver Brothers and Elviry" of town halls, vaudeville, Broadway and film, sharp-featured June Weaver was born June Petrie in Chicago in 1891. Raised in Springfield, Missouri, she took to the stage fairly young. Divorced with two children by the time she met Leon Weaver and Frank Weaver while touring in the Doctor A.B...
18. Helen Chavez Helen Chavez Self, The Fight in the Fields
19. J. Leslie Asher J. Leslie Asher Art Department, Giant
20. Harry Fleischmann Harry Fleischmann Actor, Stand by for Action
21. Charles Murphy Charles Murphy Actor, Jack's Pals
22. Jolly Lee Harvey Jolly Lee Harvey Actress, Carnival Queen
23. Alta Allen Alta Allen Actress, Seven Years Bad Luck
24. Joe Hartman Joe Hartman Actor, No Way Out
25. Helen McLeod Helen McLeod Actress, The Postman Always Rings Twice
26. Edward Reep Edward Reep Self, They Drew Fire
27. Oliver F. Pesch Oliver F. Pesch Miscellaneous Crew, Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
28. Red Simpson Red Simpson Soundtrack, Me, Myself & Irene
29. Sim Hubbard Sim Hubbard Stunts, Miracle Mile
30. Mary Osborne Mary Osborne Self, Jazz Party
31. Samuel M. Pyke Samuel M. Pyke Writer, The Speed Demon
32. Bert Wenland Bert Wenland Actor, Destination Murder
33. Nikki Siljak Nikki Siljak
34. Richard Chavez Richard Chavez Self, The Fight in the Fields
35. Glen Holse Glen Holse Art Director, A Man Called Dagger
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