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1. Susan Tyrrell Susan Tyrrell Actress, Cry-Baby A bizarre, gloriously one-of-a-kind Hollywood gypsy and self-affirmed outcast, San Francisco-born actress Susan Tyrrell (born Susan Jillian Creamer) was a teenager when she made her stage debut in "Time Out for Ginger" in 1962. A product of the entertainment industry, her father was a top agent at one time with the William Morris firm...
2. Zachary Scott Zachary Scott Actor, Mildred Pierce American leading man of suave or sinister roles. A collateral relative of George Washington and William Barclay 'Bat' Masterson, Scott was the son of a wealthy surgeon. Intending to follow his father into medicine, Scott studied at the University of Texas, but found he preferred the theater. He dropped out of college and signed on as a cabin boy on a freighter bound for England...
3. Richard LeParmentier Richard LeParmentier Actor, Star Wars Star Wars was Richard LeParmentier's third film after moving to Britain from the United States in 1974. Richard has appeared in over fifty films and TV shows. He now lives in Bath, UK, and works as a screenwriter. He is currently developing a comedy-drama series for the BBC and is writing a feature film.
4. Paul A. Partain Paul A. Partain Actor, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Paul Alan Partain was born on November 22, 1946 in Austin, Texas. Paul first started acting in his junior high school days; he was a member of the drama club and acted on a regular basis in school plays. Partain served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam war. After finishing his tour of duty...
5. Robert Jacks Robert Jacks Actor, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation
6. Peter Marquardt Peter Marquardt Actor, El mariachi
7. Roy Garber Roy Garber Self, Giant Pains in the Ass
8. Lou Perryman Lou Perryman Actor, Poltergeist Excellent and engaging Texas-born character actor Lou Perryman never became a household name, but he still nonetheless proved to be a substantial and delightful asset to the handful of movies he appeared in throughout the years. Perryman first became involved in the film business back in 1961 while on leave from the US Army...
9. James A. Michener James A. Michener Writer, South Pacific
10. Ann Richards Ann Richards Self, Ann Richards' Texas
11. Christopher Joy Christopher Joy Actor, Up in Smoke
12. Robert Shaw Robert Shaw Actor, Time After Time
13. Marilyn Buferd Marilyn Buferd Actress, Touchez Pas au Grisbi
14. Leslie Denison Leslie Denison Actor, The Snow Creature
15. Marjorie Weaver Marjorie Weaver Actress, Young Mr. Lincoln This saucy and engaging Tennessee born-and-bred brunette beauty came into the world on March 2, 1913, the daughter of John Thomas Weaver and Ellen Martin, both non-professionals. She attended private and high schools while growing up and attended the University of Kentucky and the University of Indiana...
16. Warren Skaaren Warren Skaaren Writer, Batman
17. Mel Pape Mel Pape Actor, Caddyshack
18. Ken Evert Ken Evert Actor, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
19. T.J. McFarland T.J. McFarland Actor, Where the Heart Is
20. John Henry Faulk John Henry Faulk Actor, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
21. Terry Gilkyson Terry Gilkyson Soundtrack, The Jungle Book
22. Louis Mackey Louis Mackey Self, Waking Life
23. John Christensen John Christensen Actor, Waking Life
24. Pinetop Perkins Pinetop Perkins Soundtrack, Benny & Joon
25. Lady Bird Johnson Lady Bird Johnson Self, The Presidential Tour Claudia "Lady Bird" Johnson, the wife of Lyndon Johnson, the 36th President of the U.S., was one of the most prominent First Ladies in American history. Though Eleanor Roosevelt, Nancy Reagan Reagan and Hillary Rodham Clinton exercised more power, and Jacqueline Kennedy and Dolly Madison were more glamorous...
26. Richard 'Cactus' Pryor Richard 'Cactus' Pryor Actor, The Green Berets
27. Romanthony Romanthony Actor, Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem
28. Sally Ann Richards Sally Ann Richards Actress, Please, Don't Feed the Astronauts
29. Sky Saxon Sky Saxon Soundtrack, Almost Famous Singer, bassist and songwriter Sky Saxon was certainly one of the most colorful and eccentric musicians to emerge from the groovy 60s psychedelic garage rock scene. He was born Richard Elvern Marsh on August 20, 1937 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sky moved to Los Angeles, California after he graduated from high school...
30. Buddy Miles Buddy Miles Soundtrack, Remember the Titans
31. Maricela Ochoa Maricela Ochoa Actress, Mercury Rising
32. Roger Gentry Roger Gentry Actor, The Ramrodder Having been born in Texas, he graduated from High School in Kerrville, Texas and went to the University of Texas at Austin in the Navy ROTC program. He also says he played football in the early 50s for UTexas and claims one knee was injured in a Texas football game in the early 1950s. He speaks Russian from a stint in the military...
33. Ted Kazanoff Ted Kazanoff Actor, Causa Mortis
34. Jesse Ashlock Jesse Ashlock Actor, Montana Plains
35. Bud Shrake Bud Shrake Writer, Tom Horn
36. Tomi Barrett Tomi Barrett Actress, The Forest
37. Molly Ivins Molly Ivins Self, Dildo Diaries
38. Donna Hightower Donna Hightower Self, Enrico Macias
39. Joseph Jones Joseph Jones Actor, Slacker
40. Alex Nixon Alex Nixon Actor, Waking Life
41. Karen Kuykendall Karen Kuykendall Actress, Deep in the Heart
42. Alan Pappe Alan Pappe Camera and Electrical Department, Lone Star
43. Darrell Royal Darrell Royal Self, 1959 Cotton Bowl
44. Charles Whitman Charles Whitman Uncategorised
45. Billie Jean Beach Billie Jean Beach Actress, The Beast Within
46. David Boone David Boone Actor, Redboy 13
47. Walt Rostow Walt Rostow Self, Hearts and Minds
48. William S. Baker William S. Baker Music Department, The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant Composer, conductor, songwriter, pianist and arranger, educated to the high-school level, but later taking over music directorships on varied television programs. He was also a night-club pianist. Joining ASCAP in 1957, his popular-song compositions include "Too Much", and "Stop, Look and Run".
49. Renee Williams Renee Williams Self, Half-Ton Mum
50. Don Walser Don Walser Soundtrack, Secondhand Lions
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